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Pure Herbs Special

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Stress-J (100 capsules)

Stress-J (100 capsules)

Stress-J (100 capsules)
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Stress-J from Nature's Sunshine Products contains herbs historically used to support the nervous system, reduce stress, promote calming and aid digestion.

  • Provides help for occasional stress
  • Promotes a natural feeling of calm
  • Supports proper stress mechanism function
  • Supports nervous system
  • Aids proper digestion
Stress-J is an anti-stress formula providing nutrients which can help facilitate proper function of the nervous system:
  • Passionflower is an herb which provides natural  support to the relaxation centers of the nervous system and has been traditionally used to help with feelings of restlessness.  It doesn't affect mood or orientation while calming and soothing the body.
  • Fennel has been historically used to strengthen the digestive system where emotional stress is most likely to center.
  • Feverfew is an aromatic herb with the ability to help the body deal with muscular tension
  • Hops is considered a tonic herb and is especially useful for promoting sleep and helping the body deal with occasional restlessness.  Hops also benefits the digestive system helping to prevent intestinal stress from undigested foods.
  • Chamomile is well know for supporting nerve health and mental alertness.  It can also aid digestion and help with circulation.  It is soothing with no harmful side effects.
  • Marshmallow has a demulcent effect on the digestive tract.  It has been traditionally used to support the respiratory system and soothe mucus membranes.
Ingredients:  Passionflower aerial parts, fennel seeds, feverfew aerial parts, hops flowers, chamomile flowers extract and marshmallow root extract.

Recommended Use: Take 2-3 capsules with a meal three times a day.

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