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Sanicula - Motion Sickness

Sanicula - Motion Sickness

Sanicula - Motion Sickness
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Sanicula Single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Motion Sickness

 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Sanicula aqua

     The Water of Sanicula Springs, Ottawa, Ill.

Has been found a useful remedy in enuresis, seasickness, constipation, etc. Rickets.

Dread of downward motion. (BORAX.) PROFUSE SWEAT ON OCCIPUT and in nape of neck, during sleep. (CALC.; SIL.) Photophobia. Lachrymation in cold air or from cold application. Profuse scaly dandruff. Soreness behind ears.

Thick, ropy, tenacious mucus.

Tongue large, flabby, burning; must protrude it to keep cool. Ringworm on tongue.

Nausea and vomiting from car-riding. Thirst; drink little and often. (ARS.; CHIN.) Is vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach.

Stools large, heavy and painful. PAIN IN WHOLE PERINEUM. No desire until a large accumulation. After great straining only partially expelled; recedes, crumbles at verge of anus. (MAG. MUR.) Very offensive odor. Excoriation of skin about anus, perineum, and genitals. Diarrhoea; changeable in character and color; after eating.

Female - Bearing-down, as if contents of pelvis would escape; better, rest. Desire to support parts. Soreness of uterus. Leucorrhoea with ODOR OF FISH-BRINE OR OLD CHEESE. (HEPAR.) Vagina feels large.

Dislocated feeling in sacrum and better lying on right side.

Burning of soles of feet. (SULPH.; LACH.) OFFENSIVE FOOT-SWEAT. (SIL; PSOR.) Cold, clammy sweat of extremities.

Dirty, greasy, brownish, wrinkled skin. Eczema, fissured hands and fingers. (PETROL.; GRAPH.)


Compare: ABROT.; ALUM.; CALC.; SIL.; SULPH. Sanicula Aqua must not be confounded with the Sanicle (pool-root or wood marsh), also called SANICULA. This is used in various nervous affections, resembling Valeriana. It is used as a vulnerary, resolvent for sanguineous extravasations, and as an astringent. Has not been proved.)

Active ingredient: Sanicula [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

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