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Moschus - Coldness

Moschus - Coldness

Moschus - Coldness
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Moschus single homeopathic remedy indicated for the symptom of Coldness

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.



 A remedy for hysteria and nervous paroxysms, FAINTING FITS and convulsions, catalepsy, etc. The characteristic condition begin aggravation by cold; there is great sensitiveness to air. Much nervous trembling and frequent fainting. Great flatulence. Diseases do not follow a normal course. COLDNESS. Tension in muscles, skin and mind.

UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER. Scolding. Anxiety, with palpitation; starting as if frightened. Sexual hypochondriasis.

Compressive pain over root of nose. Pressure on top of head. Vertigo on least motion; sensation as if falling from a great height. Scalp sensitive. Sounds in ears as from the report of a cannon.

Desire for black coffee, stimulants. Aversion to food. Everything tastes flat. With stomach symptoms, anxiety in chest. Distended. Faints when eating. Abdomen greatly distended. SPASMODIC, NERVOUS HICCOUGH. (HYDROCY-AC.; SULPH-AC.; IGNAT.; CAJ.)

Male - VIOLENT DESIRE; involuntary emissions. Impotence, associated with diabetes. (COCA.) Premature senility. Nausea and vomiting after coition.

Female - Menses too early, too profuse, with disposition to faint. (NUX M.; VERATR.) Sexual desire, with intolerable titillation in parts. Drawing and pushing in the direction of the genitals; sensation as if menses appear.

Profuse urination. DIABETES.

Tightness of chest, is obliged to take a deeper breath. Sudden constriction of larynx and trachea. DIFFICULT RESPIRATION; CHEST OPPRESSED; hysterical spasm of chest; asthma. Spasm of glottis. Impending paralysis of lungs. Asthma, with intense anxiety, fear, and smothering sensation. COUGH CEASES, MUCUS CANNOT BE EXPECTORATED. Globus hystericus.

Hysterical palpitation. Trembling around heart. Weak pulse and fainting.

BETTER, in open air, rubbing. WORSE, cold. The open air is felt very, very cold.

     Compatible: AMBRA.
     Antidotes: CAMPH.; COFF.

Active ingredient: Moschus [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

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