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Mercurius Corrosivus - High Potency - Urge to urinate

Mercurius Corrosivus - High Potency - Urge to urinate

Mercurius Corrosivus - High Potency - Urge to urinate
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Mercurius Corrosivus high potency single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Urge to urinate

Mercurius corrosivus

     Corrosive Sublimate

This salt leads all other remedies in tenesmus of the rectum, which is incessant, and is not relieved by the stool. The tenesmus often involves the bladder as well. Bright's disease. Gonorrhea; second stage, with continuous tenesmus. Destroys the secreting portions of the kidneys. This process is slow, but sure. Albuminuria in early pregnancy. (PHOSPH. later and at full term).

Delirium, stupor. Frontal pain, congestion of head, with burning in cheeks. Drawing pain in periosteum of skull.

Pain behind eyeballs, as if forced out. Phlyctenulae; deep ulcers on cornea. Excessive photophobia and ACRID LACHRYMATION. IRITIS, ordinary or syphilitic. (Give in association with atropine locally for prevention of adhesions.) Pain severe at night; burning, shooting, tearing. Little tendency to pus formation. IRIS MUDDY IN COLOR, THICK, AND NEITHER CONTRACTS NOR DILATES. Retinitis albuminuric, ophthalmia neonatorum. LIDS ODEMATOUS, red, excoriated. SEVERE BURNING. SORENESS OF THE EYES.

Excessive coryza. Ozaena, with perforation of septum nasi. (KALI. BICH.) Rawness and smarting in nostrils. Post-nasal swelling, mucous membrane dry, red, and covered with bloody mucus.

Violent pulsations in eyes. Fetid pus.

Face swollen. Red, puffy. Lips black, swollen. Sordes. Facial neuralgia within the bones.

Teeth loose. Gums purple, swollen, and spongy. Tongue swollen and inflamed. Salivation. Pyorrhoea. Ptyalism. Taste salty and bitter.


Incessant, green, bilious vomiting. Epigastrium very sensitive.

Bruised sensation; caecal region and transverse colon painful. Bloated; very painful to least touch.

Dysentery; tenesmus, not relieved by stool; incessant. Stool hot, bloody, slimy, offensive, with cutting pains and shreds of mucous membranes.

Pain in larynx as cut with knife. Aphonia. Cough, with bloody expectoration. Pulse rapid and intermittent. Stitches through side of chest.

Intense burning in urethra. Urine hot, burning, scanty or SUPPRESSED; bloody, GREENISH DISCHARGE. ALBUMINOUS. TENESMUS OF BLADDER. Stabbing pain extending up urethra into bladder. Perspiration after urinating.

Male -  Penis and testes enormously swollen. Chancres assume phagedenic appearance. GONORRHOEA; urethra orifice red, swollen; glans sore and hot. Discharge greenish, thick.

Chilly from slightest exposure. Profuse perspiration; surfaces cold.

WORSE, evening, night, acids.

BETTER, while at rest.

Compare: ARS.; LACH.; LEONURUS - MOTHER-WORT (Influences pelvic organs, allays spasm and nervous irritability, promotes secretion and reduces febrile excitement. Valuable in suppressed menses and LOCHIA; dysentery; vomiting, frightful pains in abdomen, violent thirst. Tongue dry and cracked). MONSONIA - An African plant belonging to the Geraniaceae - (Used for dysentery in material doses).

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