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Lac Caninum - High Potency - Alternating sides

Lac Caninum - High Potency - Alternating sides

Lac Caninum - High Potency - Alternating sides
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Lac Caninum high potency single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptoms of Alternating sides, Despondent, Sore throat

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Lac caninum is a homeopathic remedy often thought of for pains that travel erratically from side to side - particularly sore throats and minor arthritic pains. The patient needing this remedy may also be forgetful and sad and worse morning of one day and in the evening of next and better from cold and cold drinks. This homeopathic remedy is made from dogs milk.

Lac caninum

     Dog's Milk
This remedy is of undoubted value in certain forms of sore throat and diphtheria, and rheumatism. Corresponds to a low-vitiated, non-feverish type of sickness. The keynote symptom is ERRATIC PAINS, ALTERNATING SIDES. Feels as if walking on air, or of not touching the bed when lying down. Great lassitude. Ozaena. Decided effect in drying up milk in women who cannot nurse the baby. GREAT WEAKNESS AND PROSTRATION. Sinking spells every morning. Mastitis.

Very forgetful; in writing, makes mistakes. DESPONDENT; thinks her disease incurable. Attacks of rage. VISIONS OF SNAKES. Thinks himself of little consequence.

Sensation of walking or floating in the air. (STICTA.) Pain first on one side, then the other. Blurred vision, nausea and vomiting at height of attack of headache. Occipital pain, with shooting extending to forehead. Sensation as if brain were alternately contracted and relaxed. Noises in ears. Reverberation of voice.

Coryza; one nostril stuffed up, the other free; alternate. Alae nasi and corners of mouth cracked. Bones of nose sore to pressure. Bloody pus discharged.

Tongue coated white with bright red edges; profuse salivation. Drooling in diphtheria. CRACKING OF JAW WHILE EATING. (NIT. AC; RHUS.) Putrid taste increased by sweets.

Sensitive to touch. Painful swallowing; pain extends to ears. Sore throat and cough with menstruation. TONSILLITIS AND DIPHTHERIA SYMPTOMS CHANGE REPEATEDLY FROM SIDE TO SIDE. SHINING GLAZED appearance of deposit, PEARLY-WHITE or like pure white porcelain. STIFFNESS OF NECK and tongue. Throat feels burned raw. Tickling sensation causes constant cough. Sore throat beginning and ending with menses.

Female - Menses too early, profuse, FLOW IN GUSHES. BREASTS SWOLLEN; PAINFUL BEFORE (CALC. C.; CON.; PULS.) and better on appearance of menses. Mastitis; WORSE, LEAST JAR. HELPS TO DRY UP MILK. Sinking at epigastrium. Sexual organs easily excited. Backache; spine very sensitive to touch or pressure. GALACTORRHOEA.

Sciatica, right-side. Legs feel numb and stiff, cramps in feet. Rheumatic pains in extremities and back, from one side to the other. Pain in arms to fingers. Burning in palms and soles.

Dreams of snakes.

WORSE, morning of one day and in the evening of next.

BETTER, cold, cold drinks.

Compare: LACH.; CONG.; LAC FELINUM - Cat's Milk - (ciliary neuralgia; eye symptoms, photophobia; ASTHENOPIA; dysmenorrhoea); LAC VACCINUM - Cow's Milk - (headache, rheumatic pains, constipation); LAC VACCINUM COAGULATUM - Curds - (nausea of pregnancy); LACTIC VACCINI FLOC - Cream - (diphtheria, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, dysphagia); LACTIC-AC.

 Active ingredient: Lac caninum [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

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