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Helleborus Niger - High Potency - Muscle Weakness

Helleborus Niger - High Potency - Muscle Weakness

Helleborus Niger - High Potency - Muscle Weakness
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Helleborus Niger high potency single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Muscle Weakness, Pale Skin

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.



Produces a condition of SENSORIAL DEPRESSION. Sees, hears, tastes imperfectly, and general MUSCULAR WEAKNESS, which may go on to complete paralysis, accompanied by dropsical effusions. Hence, a remedy in low states of vitality and serious disease. Characteristic aggravation from 4 to eight PM (LYCOP.) SINKING SENSATION. State of effusion in hydrocephalus. Mania of a melancholy type.


Forehead wrinkled in folds. Cold sweat. Stupefying headache. ROLLS HEAD day and night; moaning, sudden screams. BORES HEAD INTO PILLOW; beats it with hands. Dull pain in occiput, with sensation of water swishing inside. Headache culminates in vomiting.

Eyeballs turn upwards; squinting, vacant look. Pupils dilated. Eyes wide open, sunken. Night-blindness.

Dirty, dry nostrils. Rubs nose. Smell diminished. Nose pointed.

Face pale, sunken. Cold sweat. Wrinkled. Neuralgia on left side; parts so tender he cannot chew.

HORRIBLE SMELL FROM MOUTH. Lips dry and cracked. Tongue red and dry. FALLING OF LOWER JAW. Meaningless picking of lips. Grinding of teeth. CHEWING MOTION. Greedily swallows cold water, though unconscious. Child nurses greedily, with disgust for food. Ptyalism, with sore corners of mouth.

Gurgling, as if bowels were full of water. Swollen, painful to touch.

Stool jelly-like, white mucus; involuntary.

Suppressed; scanty, dark urine; coffee-grounds sediment. Frequent urging. Child cannot urinate. Bladder over distended.

Frequent sighing. Respiration irregular. Chest constricted; gasps for breath. Hydrothorax. (MERC. SULPH.)

AUTOMATIC MOTION OF ONE ARM AND LEG. Limbs heavy and painful. Stretching of limbs. Thumb drawn into palm. (CUPR.) Vesicular eruption between fingers and toes.

Sudden screams in sleep. Soporous sleep. CRI ENCEPHALIQUE. Cannot be fully aroused.

PALE skin, DROPSICAL, itching. Livid spots on skin. Sudden, watery, swelling of skin. Falling off of hair and nails. Angioneurotic oedema.

WORSE, from evening until morning, from uncovering.

(HELLEBOR. FOETIDUS or, POLYMNIA - Bear's foot - Acts especially on spleen (CEANOTHUS); also rectum and sciatic nerve. Splenic pains extend to scapula, neck and head, worse left side and evening; chronic ague cake; hypertrophied uterus; glandular enlargements; hair and nails falling off; skin peeling.) HELLEBOR. ORIENTALIS (salivation).
     Antidote: CAMPHOR; CINCH.
     Compare: Threatening effusion; TUBERC.; APIS; ZINC.; OPIUM; CINCH.; CICUTA; IODOFORM.

Active ingredient: Helleborus niger [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

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