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Euphrasia Officinalis - High Potency - Eye Irritation

Euphrasia Officinalis - High Potency - Eye Irritation

Euphrasia Officinalis - High Potency - Eye Irritation
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Euphrasia Officinalis high potency single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Eye Irritation

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Indicated for Eye irritation, Eye pain, Headache, Watery eyes. Euphrasia officinalis is a homeopathic remedy commonly used for eye irritation, eye pain, headache and watery eyes. The remedy is made from a flowering plant commonly referred to as Eyebright. It is found and used in Europe, North America, Western Asia, and Northern Asia. This annual plant grows two to eight inches tall with deep cut leaves and white or purple blooms that have yellow variegations. It has a bloom season between July and September.


     Eye bright

Manifests itself in inflaming the conjunctival membrane especially, producing profuse lachrymation. Patient is better in open air. Catarrhal affections of mucous membranes especially of eyes and nose. Profuse ACRID lachrymation and bland coryza; worse, evening. Hawking up of offensive mucus.

Bursting headache with dazzling of eyes. CATARRHAL HEADACHE, with profuse discharge from eyes and nose.

PROFUSE, FLUENT CORYZA, with violent cough and abundant expectoration.

CATARRHAL conjunctivitis; discharge of acrid matter. THE EYES WATER ALL THE TIME. Acrid lachrymation; bland coryza. (Opposite: Cepa.) Discharge thick and excoriating. (Mercur. thin and acrid.) Burning and swelling of the lids. Frequent inclination to blink. Free discharge of acrid matter. Sticky mucus on cornea; must wink to remove it. Pressure in eyes. Little blister on cornea. Opacities. Rheumatic iritis. Ptosis. (Gels.; Caust.)

Redness and heat of cheeks. Stiffness of upper lip.

Vomiting from hawking mucus. Nausea and bitterness after smoking.

Dysentery. Prolapse ani. Pressure down in anus when sitting. CONSTIPATION.


Male - Spasmodic retraction of genitals, with pressure above pubic bone. Condyloma and sycotic excrescences. PROSTATITIS. Nocturnal irritability of bladder; dribbling urine.

Frequent yawning when walking in open air. Profuse, fluent coryza in morning, with much cough and expectoration. Influenza. Gags when clearing the throat in morning. Whooping-cough only in day-time, with profuse lachrymation.

First stage of measles; eye symptoms marked. Consequence of external injuries.

Yawning when walking in open air. Sleepy during day.

Chilly and cold. Sear mostly on chest, at night during sleep.

WORSE, in evening, indoors, warmth; south winds, from light.

BETTER, from coffee, in dark.

Antidotes: Camph.; Puls. Compare: Hydrophyllum-Burr-flower - (catarrhal inflammation of eyes; hot lachrymation with itching, swollen lids, dull headache; also for effects of Poison-Oak); Cepa; Ars.; Gels.; Kali-hyd.; Sabadilla.

Active ingredient: Euphrasia officinalis [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

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