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Eupatorium Perfoliatum - High Potency - Flu like symptoms

Eupatorium Perfoliatum - High Potency - Flu like symptoms

Eupatorium Perfoliatum - High Potency - Flu like symptoms
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Eupatorium Perfoliatum high potency single homeopathic remedy indicated for Flu like symptoms

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Indicated for Flu-like symptoms, including achiness in bones. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is a homeopathic remedy to consider for chills and fever, particularly when the chill comes on in the morning, with great pain in the bones, as though the bones would break; long bones particularly; then comes thirst, then chill with thirst. As the chill subsides, there may be copious vomiting of bile

Eupatorium perfoliatum

     Thorough wort

 Known as "Bone-set", from the prompt manner in which it relieves pain in limbs and muscles that accompanies some forms of febrile disease, like malaria and influenza. Eupatorium acts principally upon the gastrohepatic organs and bronchial mucous membrane. It is a boon in miasmatic districts, along rivers, marshes, etc., and in all conditions where there is a great deal of BONE-PAIN. Cachexia from old chronic, bilious intermittents. Worn-out constitutions from inebriety. Sluggishness of all organs and functions. Bone-pains, general and severs. Soreness. Marked periodicity. (Ars.; China; Cedron.)

Throbbing pain. Pressure as if a cap of lead pressed over the whole skull. Vertigo; sensation of falling to LEFT. Vomiting of bile. Top and back of head with pain AND SORENESS OF EYEBALLS. Periodical headache, every third and seventh day. OCCIPITAL PAIN AFTER LYING DOWN, WITH SENSE OF WEIGHT.

Cracks in corners of mouth, yellow coated tongue, thirst.

Tongue yellow. Taste bitter. Hepatic region sore. Great thirst. Vomiting and purging of bile, of green liquid several quarts at a time. Vomiting preceded by thirst. HICCOUGH. (Sulph-ac.; Hydrocy-ac.) Avoids tight clothing.

 Frequent, green, watery. Cramps. Constipate, with sore liver.

 Coryza, with sneezing. HOARSENESS AND COUGH, WITH SORENESS IN CHEST; must support it. INFLUENZA, with great soreness of muscles and bones. CHRONIC loose cough, chest sore; WORSE AT NIGHT. Cough relieved by getting on hands and knees.

Perspiration relieves all symptoms except headache. Chill between 7 and nine AM, PRECEDED BY THIRST WITH GREAT SORENESS AND ACHING OF BONES. Nausea, vomiting of bile at close of chill or hot stage; throbbing headache. Knows chill is coming on because he cannot drink enough.

ACHING PAIN IN BACK. ACHING IN BONES OF EXTREMITIES WITH SORENESS OF FLESH. ACHING IN ARMS AND WRISTS. Swelling of left great toe. Gouty soreness and inflamed nodosities of joints, associated with headache. Dropsical swelling.

WORSE, periodically.

BETTER, by conversation, by getting on hands and knees.

Compare: Bryon.; Sepia.; nat. mur.; Chelidonium. Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (bilious fever; insatiable thirst; bitter vomiting at close of chill; also constipation of children).

Active ingredient: Eupatorium perfoliatum [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

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