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Pure Herbs Special

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Vitamin B Complex - Energy

Vitamin B Complex - Energy

Vitamin B Complex - Energy
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Vitamin B Complex Pure Herbs Capsules used Historically for Energy, calm nerves, alertness, for recovery and prevent depression. (100 ct.)

Vitamin B Complex from Pure Herbs Ltd, is a grouping of 12 vitamins, collectively known as the B-Complex, which are meant to work together as a balanced team.  Four of the B's can be made by the body itself.  The remainder must be obtained from our food.  

Proper stomach acid is needed to utilize B Vitamins.  For this reason some people take 1 tsp to 1 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar or Wine Vinegar at a meal with the B-Vitamins.  Too much of one single Vitamin B can lead to the depletion of the others.  

Overall function insures that the nerves of the body can utilize blood sugar as an energy source and the conduction of messages.  B Vitamins also maintain the covering or insulation on the nerves known as the myelin (my'-oh'lin) sheath so that 'short-circuits' do not occur, allowing the nerves to monitor the body and coordinate its functions. 

A few of the many functions of B-Vitamins:
  • B-1, Thiamine, control of the nerves which service the hands and feet, heart and brain including memory and mood.
  • B-2, Riboflavin, energy, heathy tongue, lips and gums, prevents itching skin
  • B-3, Niacin, increases blood circulation and drives out radiation
  • B-5, Pantothenic Acid, nourishes adrenal glands, to counteract stress and strong physical activity, combats fatigue.
  • B-6, Pyridoxine, proper growth and clear skin, combats depression
  • B-7, Biotin, prevents rashes and red scaly skin eruptions, discourages hair loss, corrects brittle fingernails, allows body to use blood sugar better.
  • B-9, Folic Acid insures that new body cells develop and divide correctly, prevents premature aging.  Especially important for pregnant women.
  • B-12, Cyanocobalamin, insures enough new blood cells will be produced of the proper size, colar and appearance, Lack of B-12 causes a deadly type of anemia.
  • PABA softens skin, improves hardened blood vessels, promotes healthy hair and helps prevent hair loss and restores color.
  • Choline is needed for healthy liver, brain and heart functions and repair.
  • Inositol reduces excess fat in blood stream.
  • Lipoic Acid is manufactured easily by the body, important for its ability to detoxify and recycle material for energy.
Growing evidence confirms the Vitamin B's working together as a team also help to prevent deterioration of body tissues and thus promote a longer, healthier life.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Amount Per Capsule             %DV
B1 (thiamine) 33 mg              2200%
B2(riboflavin) 33 mg              1940%
B3 (niacinamide) 25 mg          125%
B3 (niacin) 8 mg                         40%                       
B5 (pantothenic acid) 33 mg    330%
B6 (pyridoxine HCI) 33 mg      1650%
Folic Acid 133 mcg                      33%
B12 (cyanocobalamin) 33 mcg  550%
Biotin  100mcg                               33%
Inositol  33 mg                                   *
Choline (bitartrate) 33 mg                *
Proprietary Blend  150 mg               *
Lemon Bioflavonoid
Para amino benzoic acid (PABA)
Rose Hip Extract (Rosa canina)
Acerola Fruit Extract (Malpighia glabra)
Rice Flour (Oryza sativa)

 *Daily Value (DV) not established *

 Additional ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Sterate (vegetable)
Does not contain sugar or preservative that may cause a problem for those sensitive to them.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 capsule with a meal 3 times per day.  THe bottle is sealed for your protection.  Do not use if inner seal has been tampered with or damaged.  COlor variation may occur due to the differences in natural ingredients.

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