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Cedar Berry - pancreatic function

Cedar Berry - pancreatic function

Cedar Berry - pancreatic function
Cedar Berries Photo by Philip Fritchey, M.H., N.D., CNHP All Rights Reserved -
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Cedar Berry (Juniperus monosperma) Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically to Support and correct pancreatic function, sustains immunity, dissolves bad cells.

Common Names: Single Seeded Cedar Berry

Parts Used: Seeds and pods.

The Cedar Berry tree, commonly known as "Single-Seeded Cedar Berry" is a needle bearing tree and an evergreen that lives in the American Southwest.  It makes it's home in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Cedar Berry is a tough, hardy competitor able to persist on poor soil where other trees cannot.  Size ranges from a shrub to 30 feet tall with enough water.  

There are two kinds of Cedar Berry trees.  One kind has female flowers and the other male flowers.  The flowers of the femal trees produce a small waxy seed pod with a single seed in it.  The seed is the part used.  

Under the stomach and liver is an organ/gland called the pancreas.  It empties its digestive juices from its blunt end into the small intestine, which is very important to digestion.  The seed and pod from the Cedar Berry are put to good use when the pancreas gets sick, helping the function of the pancreas so the pancreas will eat up the "bad cells" in itself and anywhere else in the body.

Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon per meal

Directions on label: For adults, mix 2 ml of extract in 2 oz (60 ml) of water one time daily preferably with a meal.

Note: As always make sure there are two or more bowel movements per 24 hours so that the debris can be removed from the body.

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