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Capsicum -  Stimulant, diaphoretic 1 ounce

Capsicum - Stimulant, diaphoretic 1 ounce

Capsicum -  Stimulant, diaphoretic 1 ounce
Capsicum Photo by Philip Fritchey, M.H., N.D., CNHP All Rights Reserved - Capsicum Photo by Philip Fritchey, M.H., N.D., CNHP All Rights Reserved -
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Capsicum (
Capsicum frutescen, L.)
 Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically as a stimulant, diaphoretic (causes sweating), condiment (seasoning), aperients (expels gas), hemostatic (stops unnatural bleeding), energizer, calmative, cleaner.

Common Names: 
African Birdseye Red, Cayenne, Red Pepper, Bird Pepper, African Pepper.

Parts Used: The fruit.

Bodily Influences: Capsicum is probably the most effective and harmless stimulant in the herbal kingdom. People today often complain of not having enough energy. Cayenne produces an immediate effect of heat and energy. It is not known to actually burn or blister, although in pure strength, may taste like "liquid fire". The renowned doctor and surgeon, William Beaumont, observed in his now classic observations of the stomach through a hole which formed after a gunshot wound to a young fur trapper that Cayenne does not irritate in any way the lining of the human stomach despite its sensation of great heat.

That Cayenne helps clean infected mucus from the stomach, digestive tract, circulatory system and other organs should be understood. It does not produce mucus. Increased circulation to the stomach gives it a healthy pink glow, not to be mistaken for irritation. Indeed, Cayenne is used by the Mormons and the people of the Balkan countries to heal bleeding ulcers of the stomach. Cayenne stops the flow of all unnatural bleeding within seconds. It may be administered internally or eternally with the same results. To stop heart attacks, 40 to 80 drops of the extract in a cup of water is drunk immediately. The heart attack will stop in short order. A powerful influence is exerted at the same time over the nervous system to produce a great calm of abundant energy.

Note:  Cayenne will stop bleeding of all unnatural types internally and externally, but will not stop menstrual bleeding or internal bleeding of a cleansing nature. Much gas is often expelled as Cayenne works to restore order, thus headaches are also commonly relieved. The U.S. Dispensary Part I recommends Cayenne as a totally workable remedy for malignant sore throats and also as a gargle. The best action of Cayenne is prolonged by the addition of a catalyst herb. Hence, Cayenne is often combined with other herbs as in the Herbal Adjustment (see listing for Herbal Adjustment). It is also strongly recommended by the U.S. Dispensary for local application for joint pains especially due to rheumatism. Cayenne should be a part of every home emergency kit and its regular use as a food cannot be too strongly recommended.

Recommended Dosage:

20 to 40 drops of the extract, diluted in a cup of water, as often as needed or apply externally as given above. If contact with eyes or private areas, don't panic, or be frightened. Flush with water and be patient, calm and peace will return.

Directions on label: For adults, mix 2 ml of extract in 2 oz (60 ml) of water one time daily preferably with a meal.

References: Dr. John R. Christopher, "School of Natural Healing;" Dr. Eugene C. Watkins, "Get Well With Natural Remedies;" "The Dispensatory of the United States," 12th Edition.

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