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Calcarea Sulphurica - High Potency - Boils

Calcarea Sulphurica - High Potency - Boils

Calcarea Sulphurica - High Potency - Boils
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Calcarea Sulphurica high potency single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Boils

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Calcarea sulphurica

     Sulphate of Lime - Plaster of Paris

Eczema and torpid glandular swellings. Cystic tumors. Fibroids. Suppurative processes come within the range of this remedy, after pus has found a vent. MUCOUS DISCHARGES ARE YELLOW, THICK AND LUMPY. Lupus vulgaris.

Scald-head of children, if there be purulent discharge, or yellow, purulent crusts.

INFLAMMATION OF THE EYES, WITH DISCHARGE OF THICK, YELLOW MATTER. Sees only one-half an object. Cornea smoky. Ophthalmia neonatorum.

Deafness, with discharge of matter from the middle ear, sometimes mixed with blood. Pimples around ear.

Cold in the head, with thick, YELLOWISH, PURULENT SECRETION, frequently tinged with blood. One-sided discharge from nose. YELLOWISH DISCHARGE from posterior nares. Edges of nostrils sore.


Inside of lips sore. Tongue flabby, resembling a layer of dried clay. Sour, soapy, acrid taste. Yellow coating at base.

Last stage of ulcerated sore throat, with discharge of yellow matter. Suppurating stage of tonsillitis, when abscess is discharging.

Pain in region of liver, in right side of pelvis, followed by weakness, nausea, and pain in stomach.

Purulent diarrhoea mixed with blood. Diarrhoea after maple sugar and from change of weather. Pus-like, slimy discharge from the bowels. PAINFUL ABSCESSES ABOUT THE ANUS in cases of fistula.

Female - Menses late, long-lasting, with headache, twitching great weakness.

Cough, with purulent and sanious sputa and hectic fever. Empyema, pus forming in the lungs or pleural cavities. Purulent, sanious expectoration. Catarrh, with thick, lumpy, white-yellow or pus-like secretions.


Hectic fever, caused by formation of pus. With cough and burning in soles.

Cuts, wounds, bruises, etc., unhealthy, discharging pus; they do not heal readily. Yellow, purulent crusts or discharge. Purulent exudation in or upon the skin. Skin affections with yellowish scabs. Many little matter less pimples under the hair, bleeding when scratched. Dry eczema in children.

Compare; Hepar; Silica.

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