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Cajuputum - Flatulence

Cajuputum - Flatulence

Cajuputum - Flatulence
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Cajuputum single remedy indicated for symptoms of Flatulence.

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Active ingredient: Cajuputum [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

Boericke's Materia Medica
     Acts like Oil of Cloves. A remedy for FLATULENCE and affections of the tongue. SENSE OF ENLARGEMENT. Causes copious diaphoresis. Retrodecent gout. Neuralgic affection not inflammatory. Nervous dyspnoea.

     Feels much enlarged. As if he could not get himself together. (Baptisia)

     Persistent sensation of choking. SPASMODIC STRICTURE OF OESOPHAGUS. Constricted sensation on swallowing solid food. TONGUE FEELS SWOLLEN, fills whole mouth.

     HICCOUGH, on slightest provocation.

     FLATULENCE COLIC; tympanites. (Terebe.) Nervous distention of bowels. Urine smells like cat's urine. Spasmodic cholera.

     WORSE, about five AM; night.

Clarke's Dictionary:

      Diarrhoea (night).
      Menstruation, disorders of.
      Esophagus, stricture of.
      Tongue, affections of, swelling of.
      Urinary disorders.

      Cajuput has a reputation in the old school as a local application in rheumatism, and also in cases of dysmenorrheal.
      It has had a homeopathic proving, and some very characteristic symptoms have been developed.
      A feeling of enlargement, too large all over, as if head as large as half a bushel.
      Feeling as though could not get himself together (Bapt.), could not get his clothes for a time, though they were quite near.
      As if poisoned.
      As if the arms were tied to the body, heavy, useless.
      Numb feeling all over.
      A measles-like eruption, intense itching.
      Many nervous symptoms are developed, some reflected from the female sexual organs.
      There is the persistent choking sensation of hysteria, nervous dyspnea, nervous distension of the bowels.
      Earache and face ache, the lobe of the ear is red, alae nasi suddenly turn red, nose appears swollen.
      It has cured obstinate hiccough from slightest provocation, talking, laughing, eating, or any motion.
      Symptoms appear and disappear suddenly, come at five AM., disappear suddenly on eating.
      Many symptoms are worse at night.
      Smoking causes desire to vomit.

      Compare: Bov. (swollen sensations), Plantago (earache, toothache), Colch. (gout and rheumatism), Acon. and Bell. (effects of checked sweat); Eucalyptus, Eugenia caryophyllacea (clove), Eugenia jambos and the Brazil-nut tree belong to the same order.

      Effects of checked perspiration.

      Averse to being spoken to, though likes to hear other people talk.
      Can't bear to look inside the books he usually studies, can think of a thousand things in a minute.
      Prefers to walk alone, slowly.
      Feels better in the society of ladies, and can talk with them (though naturally bashful), he does not like to talk with the men.

      Intoxicated feeling, feels as if he would stumble over his own legs.
      Head feels enlarged, dgans.
      Organs swollen (puffy), relaxed, and sweating.
      Swelling of margin of prepuce with smarting during micturition.
      After waking prepuce remains retracted, painful and swollen.
      After coition the prepuce remains behind the glans, it is painful and swollen.
      Glans red, dry, dotted with still redder points.
      Glans flabby from masturbation.
      Painful erections without sexual desire, alternating with sexual desire with relaxed penis.
      Impotence with mental depression.
      Frequent nocturnal emissions.
      Nocturnal emissions either without dreams or with non-sexual dreams.
      Imperfect erections and premature ejaculation of the semen.
      Impotence, the penis remains relaxed, even when excited.
      Feeling of coldness, and cold perspiration of the sexual organs.

Female Sexual Organs.
      Itching of external genitals with voluptuousness.
      Pruritus of vulva and vagina.
      Pruritus vaginae, with onanism (nymphomania).
      Worms escape into vagina and cause masturbation.
      Cramp-like Pains in uterus after midnight.

Respiratory Organs.
      Larynx and trachea seem constricted, impedes deep breathing.
      Sudden and involuntary cough caused by tickling high up in throat (above larynx).
      Oppression of breathing, cannot get his breath easily.
      Asthma alternating with itching, burning rash.
      Catarrhal asthma (with mucus which is not readily raised, but the asthma is relieved when it is raised).

      Sharp stitches in right side of chest.

      Rheumatic pain in back, can hardly turn in bed.
      Pain in shoulder with headache.

      Limbs feel tired and weak.
      Rheumatic pains in the limbs.
      Trembling of the limbs.
      Stitches in corns.
      Cramps in the soles of the feet at night.

      Attacks like fainting after writing and thinking, when lying down, or when rising.
      Disinclination to move, and desire to lie still.
      Weariness over the whole body.
      Extremely nervous.
      Great throbbing all through the body.
      Sighing respiration, dryness of parts which are usually moist.

      The skin has a rough, dry feeling.
      Itching, burning rash (forearm and chest), alternating with asthma.
      Violent itching on various parts.

      Drowsy and sleepy.
      Sleepless, or unrefreshing sleep.
      Sleepiness in the daytime, but cannot go to sleep on account of vertigo.
      Groans and moans anxiously in sleep.
      Dream, frightful.

      Chilliness in the evening, without thirst.
      Chilly even in a warm room.
      Feverish, skin hot and dry.
      Face, head, and hands hot, legs and feet cold.
      Internal heat, going off from sleep.
      Heat with thirst, pain in the ears, swelling of the sub-maxillary glands, and retention of stool.
      Sweat towards evening, with prostration, yawning, and drowsiness.
      The perspiration (after the heat) attracts the files.

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