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Blue Flag - lymphatic cleanser

Blue Flag - lymphatic cleanser

Blue Flag - lymphatic cleanser
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Blue Flag (
Iris versicolor, IRIDACEAE 
ORRIS ROOT, Iris florentina)  
Pure Herbs Liquid historically used as a powerful lymphatic cleanser, liver regulator, dropsy (fluid accumulation), swollen lymph glands, cysts, torpid liver, lazy, clogged liver.

Common Names: 
For Iris versicolor: Blue Flag, Flag Lily, Water Lily, Snake Lily, Poison Flag, Slender Blue Flag, Blue Iris, Vegetable Mercuiy Plant, Dragon Flower, Flower-de-Luce, Dagger Flower. For Blue Flag: Orris Root.
Parts Used: Dried rhizome (underground stem) and roots.

Bodily Influences: The spectacular beauty of Blue Flag is common throughout the U.S. Its presence adds a calming touch to the landscape. The root and underground stem of Blue Flag afford us with a material capable of exerting a tremendous influence on all body fluids, digestive juices, blood stream, urinary flow, alimentary canal, glandular secretions and especially the lymphatics. Because of its great energies, it is often combined with other herbs to actually slow its function to prevent momentary discomforts during the cleansing process. In the goal of longevity, the Blue Flag Pure Herbs Liquid Extract finds its greatest role in the service of clean body fluid.

Note: The properties discussed above are for only the Wild Blue Iris and Orris Root (Iris versicolor and Iris florentina). No other varieties.

Recommended Dosage: 1 to 5 drops twice per day. Start with 1 drop twice per day.

Possible directions on label: For adults, mix 2 ml of extract in 2 oz (60 ml) of water one time daily preferably with a meal.

References: Dr. Eugene C. Watkins, "Get Well With Natural Remedies;" Alma R. Hutchens, "Indian Herbalogy of North America."

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