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Black Walnut - Antibiotic, antiseptic

Black Walnut - Antibiotic, antiseptic

Black Walnut - Antibiotic, antiseptic
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Black Walnut (
Juglans nigra, L.) 
Pure Herbs Liquid Extract historically used as an Antibiotic, antiseptic, tonic, vermifuge (antagonistic to parasites), lymphatic cleaner, apply externally for brown hair color.

Common Names: Black Walnut.

Parts Used: Hull (not shell), leaves, nutmeat (nutritive).

Bodily Influences: Although the leaves of the Black Walnut tree can be used, the dried powdered hull is possessed of greater activity. Widespread incidents of various sorts of internal human parasites are now a commonplace reality. Black Walnut hulls have a great strength which disables and disintegrates parasites. In cases of general debility where parasites may masquerade as a host of baffling symptoms it should be safe to assume that a person needs cleansing. Six months to a year of daily use often shows dramatic results. Although this may seem slow, Black Walnut kills the parasites and not the person which is a distinct advantage.

Thyroid problems are often corrected at the same time and a healthy loss of weight may result and a great sense of well being returns, a
s iodine is contained in this valuable hull, and the thyroid resumes normal function. A highly satisfactory douche can be prepared for multitudinous infections in the female area. Black Walnut also can reduces lymphatic swellings.

Recommended Dosage:

40 drops three times per day. 80 drops to 1 cup distilled water as a douche.

Possible directions on label: For adults, mix 2 ml of extract in 2 oz (60 ml) of water one time daily preferably with a meal.


Dr. Eugene C. Watkins, "Get Well With Natural Remedies;" Dr. John R. Christopher, "School of Natural Healing."

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