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Benzinum (coal Naphtha) - Tiredness

Benzinum (coal Naphtha) - Tiredness

Benzinum (coal Naphtha) - Tiredness
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Benzinum (coal Naphtha) Single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Tiredness

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Clarke's Dictionary:

Text: Natural History.
      Benzol, Benzoline,, Benzene. A product of distillation from coal tar.
      C6 H6.
      Tincture with alcohol.

      Typhoid fever.
      Vision, disorders of.

      Our knowledge of this medicine is derived from observations on a worker in a rubber factory, who for weeks had his hands and arms daily bathed in benzine, and drank water impregnated with it.
      It caused profound disturbance of mind and body, weeping at trifles, irritability, pain darting upwards in occiput.
      Could not turn eyes upward without severe aching and throbbing.
      A sort of clairvoyant state, in which a great white hand appeared to him in the darkness, coming outspread towards his face, causing him in terror to scream for the watcher.
      A sense of falling through the bed and floor.
      Insomnia and photopic illusions.
      Pains travel from below upward (headache, pain in anus), also chills.

      Compare: Bry. (Worse motion, moving eyes), Benz-n., Benz-d-n. (amblyopia and disorders of vision); Sulph. (symptoms go from below upward).

      Weeping at trifles and despairing of recovery.
      Extremely irritable and fault-finding.

      Severe darting pains in occiput, from below upward, recurring in paroxysms, worse by motion, and especially by rising after sitting.

      Could not turn eyes upward, or to one side without severe aching and throbbing.
      A great white hand seemed to appear to him in the darkness, coming outspread towards his face, causing him in terror to scream for the watcher.
      Photopsic illusions with wide-open eyes.

      Occasional sudden puffing up of left cheek and calf of left leg, as though filled with air, going off in a few hours and returning again.

      Teeth covered with sordes.
      Soreness and sensation of looseness in upper incisors.
      Tongue parched and brown.
      Painful round white ulcers in the mouth, especially on inside of cheeks.
      Hot and very offensive breath.

      Appetite lost.
      Craving for lemons and cider.
      Extreme thirst, for ice-water, satisfied with a sip, but wanting it again directly.

      Continual soreness to pressure in abdominal walls.
      Heat and grinding wearing pains in lower part of bowels, worse just before stool

Stool and Anus.
      Several times an hour, a stool, smelling of benzine, of lead-colored mucus, mixed with bright blood, accompanied with some tenesmus, and followed by throbbing in anus and rectum and lancinating pains from below upward, continuing about five minutes.

Urinary Organs.
      Occasional nausea and vomiting.
      Intolerance of alcohol, "it made him fell so bad."

Urinary Organs.
      Urine dark, like ink, sp. gr. 1, 029.

Male Sexual Organs.
      Sexual desire lost, power diminished (restored when taking liquid strychnine after leaving off the work).

Respiratory Organs.
      Breath very short, rendering smoking very difficult.
      Short breath with giddiness.

      Engorgement of venous system.
      Bruit in pulmonary artery.
      Pulse very frequent (115), small, and compressible.
      Blood black.

      Want of sensation in arms and legs, prickly feeling.
      Legs numbs to knees and arms to elbows.
      Stiffness about hands and feet, but especially the fingers.
      Hands and feet cold, feet numb and also sore.
      Fingertips feel cold to the touch, though she herself is not aware of it.

 Active ingredient: Benzinum [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.

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