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Aurum Muriaticum - High Potency - Cough

Aurum Muriaticum - High Potency - Cough

Aurum Muriaticum - High Potency - Cough
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Aurum Muriaticum single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptoms of cough, warts, hair falling out

200C - 4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Boericke's Materia Medica:

Burning, yellow, acrid leucorrhoea; heart symptoms, glandular affection; warts on tongue and genitals; sclerotic and exudative degeneration of the nervous system. Multiple sclerosis. Morvan's disease. Second trituration. Aur. Mur. Is a sycotic remedy, causing suppressed discharges to. Valuable in climacteric. Hemorrhages from the womb. Diseases of frontal sinus. Stitching pain in left side of forehead. Weariness, aversion to all work. Drawing feeling in stomach. Cancer, tongue as hard as leather; induration after glossitis.

Clarke's Dictionary:
      Angina pectoris.
      Anus, fistula of.
      Hair falling out.
      Heart, affections of.
      Liver, affections of.
      Morvan's disease.
      Pudenda, over-sensitiveness of.
      Spinal sclerosis.
      Spleen, enlarged.
      Uterus, tumors of, hemorrhage from.
      Vagina, heat, burning and itching of.
      Voice, hoarse.

      This salt has been proved.
      The symptoms are in the main identical with those of the metal, but some are peculiar or more pronounced in the one than in the other.
      The Muriatic element is seen in the heart symptoms, violent palpitations, sore aching, heaviness and sensation of rigidity in heart, hyperaemia from heart disease.
      Catarrhal and glandular affections are marked.
      Warts appear in various parts: on the tongue, on the genitals.
      Digestion is slow.
      Diarrhoea after eating.
      Aur-m. is a sycotic remedy causing suppressed discharges to reappear.
      Halbert has given Aur-m. 2X with much success in cases of sclerotic and exudative degeneration of the nervous system.
      He narrates a case of disseminated sclerosis, the result of a fall, one of exudative localized meningitis, and one of Morvan's disease greatly improved under its use.
      This patient, a man cook, had hypertrophy of all the fingers.
      In some of them this had progressed till painless whitlows appeared.
      Analgesia and anaesthesia were present, and some atrophy of the muscles of the hand and arm.
      Brachial neuritis appeared to be the causative factor in the case.
      Remarkable improvement occurred under Aur-m. 2X. Aur-m. is particularly valuable in hemorrhages from the womb at climacteric and after, which are frequently of sycotic origin.
      Violent chill and fever.
      Hectic fever.
      Ascending stairs worse.
      Cold washing and cold weath
Female Sexual Organs.
      Ulcers with induration of uterus.
      Enlargement of ovary.
      Leucorrhea, corroding the parts.
      Pustules on genitals.
      Abortion from uterine indurations.
      (Given to syphilitic mothers, it prevents the disease in her offspring.)
      Scirrhus of uterus and mammae.

      Irregular heart-beats with anxiety and short breath, while sleeping.
      Severe violent beats of the heart, with sensation of pressure while standing.

Neck and Back.
      Cracking in cervical vertebrae on bending head.
      Burning pain in skin of nape.
      Heat in nape rising into head and cheeks.
      Burning and drawing, tension and pressure in muscles to left of nape extending to shoulder, worse bending head to right, at times unbearable during rest.
      Pustular eruption on back.

Upper Limbs.
      Burning in skin of right axilla.
      Pressure in right deltoid.
      Boring and pressing pains in arms and elbow-joints, boring in bones.
      Painful stitching in finger-tips.

Lower Limbs.
      Boring in thighs, knees, tibia (first right then left).
      Boring in both sides right tendo Achillis when sitting.
      Stitches in tips of toes, in bunion.

      Intolerable itching all over body, sores followed by an eruption of little lumps, several covered with dark-looking scabs.

      Remarkable coldness of back.
      Remarkable heat in skin.
      Sweats only on right side, left (affected) side of head remains dry.
      Excessive perspiration.

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