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Aurum Metallicum - Headache

Aurum Metallicum - Headache

Aurum Metallicum - Headache
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Aurum Metallicum Single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Headache

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Aurum metallicum

     Metallic Gold

Given full play, Aurum develops in the organism, by attacking the blood, glands, and bone, conditions bearing striking resemblance to mercurial and syphilitic infections; and it is just for such deteriorations of the bodily fluids and alterations in the tissues, that Aurum assumes great importance as a remedy. Like the victim of syphilis, mental states of great depression are produced by it. Hopeless, despondent, and GREAT DESIRE TO COMMIT SUICIDE. Every opportunity is sought for self-destruction. Exostosis, caries, nightly bone-pains, especially cranial, nasal, and palatine. Glands swollen in scrofulous subjects. Palpitation and congestions. Ascites often in conjunction with heart affections. Frequently indicated in secondary syphilis and effects of mercury. This use of gold as an anti-venereal and anti-scrofulous remedy is very old, but has been well-nigh forgotten by the old school until rediscovered and placed on its scientific basis by homeopathy, and now it can never be lost again. When syphilis is implanted on the scrofulous constitution, we have one of the most intractable morbid conditions, and gold seems to be especially suited to the vile combination. ENNUI. Ozaena; sexual hyperaesthesia. ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, high blood pressure; nightly paroxysms of pain behind sternum. Sclerosis of liver, arterial system, brain. Pining boys; low spirited, lifeless, weak memory.

Feeling of self-condemnation and utter worthlessness. Profound despondency, with increased blood pressure, with thorough DISGUST OF LIFE, and thoughts of suicide. TALKS OF COMMITTING SUICIDE. Great fear of death. Peevish and vehement at least contradiction. Anthropophobia. Mental derangements. Constant rapid questioning without waiting for reply. Cannot do things fast enough. OVER-SENSITIVENESS; (Staph.) TO NOISE, excitement, confusion.

VIOLENT PAIN IN HEAD; WORSE AT NIGHT, outward pressure. Roaring in head. Vertigo. Tearing through brain to forehead. Pain in bones extending to face. Congestion to head. Boils on scalp.

EXTREME PHOTOPHOBIA. Great soreness all about the eyes and into eyeballs. Double vision; UPPER HALF OF OBJECTS INVISIBLE. Feel tense. Sees fiery objects. Violent pains in bones around eye. (Asaf.) Intestinal keratitis. VASCULAR CORNEA. Pains from without inward. STICKING PAINS INWARD. Trachoma with pannus.

Caries of ossicula and of mastoid. OBSTINATE FETID OTORRHEA after scarlatina. External meatus bathed in pus. Chronic nerve deafness; Labyrinthine disease due to syphilis.

ULCERATED, PAINFUL, swollen, obstructed. Inflammation of nose; caries; fetid discharge, purulent, bloody. Boring pains in nose, worse at night. PUTRID SMELL from nose. Sensitive smell. (Carbol-ac.) Horrible odor from nose and mouth. Knobby tip of nose.

Foul breath in girls at puberty. Taste putrid or bitter. Ulceration of gums.

Tearing in zygoma. Mastoid and other facial bones inflamed.

Stitches when swallowing; pain in glands. Caries of the palate.

Appetite and thirst increased, with qualmishness. Swelling of epigastrium. Burning at stomach and hot eructations.

Right hypochondrium hot and painful. Incarcerated flatus. Swelling and suppuration of inguinal glands.

Turbid urine, like buttermilk, with thick sediment. Painful retention.

Constipation, stools hard and knotty. Nocturnal diarrhoea, with burning in rectum

Male - Pain and SWELLING OF TESTICLES. Chronic induration of testicles. Violent erections. ATROPHY OF TESTICLES IN BOYS. Hydrocele.

Female - Great sensitiveness of vagina. Uterus enlarged and prolapsed. Sterility; vaginismus.

SENSATION AS IF HEART STOPPED BEATING for two or three seconds, immediately followed by tumultuous rebound, with sinking at the epigastrium. Palpitation. Pulse RAPID, FEEBLE, IRREGULAR. Hypertrophy. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - Valvular lesions of arteriosclerotic nature (Aurum 30).

Dyspnoea at night. Frequent, deep breathing; stitches in sternum.

Destruction of bones, like secondary syphilis. Pain in bones of head, lumps under scalp, exostosis with nightly pains in bones. Caries of nasal, palatine and mastoid bones. Soreness of affected bones, better in open air, worse at night.

All the blood seems to rush from head to lower limbs. Dropsy of lower limbs. Orgasm, as if blood were boiling in all veins. Paralytic, tearing pains in joints. Knees weak.

Sleepless. Sobs aloud in sleep. Frightful dreams.

WORSE, in cold weather when getting cold. Many complaints come only in winter; from sunset to sunrise.

Compare: Aur. Ars. (Chronic aortitis, lupus, phthisis in syphilitic headaches; also in anaemia and chlorosis. It causes rapid increase of appetite.
     Aur-br. (in headaches with neurasthenia, megrim, night terrors, valvular diseases.
     Aur-mur. (Burning, yellow, acrid leucorrhoea; heart symptoms, glandular affection; warts on tongue and genitals; sclerotic and exudative degeneration of the nervous system. Multiple sclerosis. Morvan's disease. Second trituration. Aur. mur. is a sycotic remedy, causing suppressed discharges to. Valuable in climacteric Hemorrhages from the womb. Diseases of frontal sinus. Stitching pain in left side of forehead. Weariness, aversion to all work. Drawing feeling in stomach. Cancer, tongue as hard as leather; induration after glossitis.)
     Aur-m-k. Double chloride of Potassium and gold. (In uterine induration and hemorrhage.)
     Aur-i. (Chronic pericarditis, valvular diseases, arteriosclerosis, ozaena, lupus, osteitis, ovarian cysts, myomata uteri, are pathological lesions, that offer favorable ground for the action of this powerful drug. Senile paresis.)
     Aur-s. (Paralysis agitans; constant nodding of the head; affections of mammae; swelling pain, cracked nipples with lancinating pains.)
     Also, Asafetida. (in caries of bones of ears and nose). Syphilin: Kali-iod.; Hep.; Merc.; Mez.; Nit-ac.' Phosph.
     Antidotes: Bell.; Cinch.; Cupr; Merc.

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