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Arundo Mauritanica - High Potency - Hay Fever

Arundo Mauritanica - High Potency - Hay Fever

Arundo Mauritanica - High Potency - Hay Fever
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Arundo Mauritanica high potency single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptoms of Hay Fever

200C - 4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.



 A remedy for catarrhal states. Hay-fever.
     Arundo donax seems to be the same: Acts on excretory and generative organs; suppuration, especially chronic, and where the ulceration is fistulous, especially in long bones. Itching eruption on chest, upper extremities and behind ears.

Itching; falling off of hair; roots of hair painful. Pustules. Pain in occiput, extends to right ciliary region. Deep seated pain in sides of head.

Burning and itching in auditory canals. Eczema behind ears.

 Hay-fever begins with burning and ITCHING OF PALATE and conjunctiva. ANNOYING ITCHING IN THE NOSTRILS AND ROOF OF THE MOUTH. (Wyethia). Coryza; loss of smell. (Nat-mur.) Sneezing, ITCHING OF NOSTRILS.

Burning and itching in mouth; bleeding of gums. Ulcers and exfoliations in the commissaries. Fissures in tongue.

Coldness in stomach. Longing for acids.

Movement as from something alive. Flatulence; pain at pubic region.

Greenish stool. Burning at anus. Diarrhoea of nursing children. (Cham.; Calc. phos.)

Burning urination. Red sediment. (Lyc.)

Male - Pain in spermatic cord after embrace.

Female - Menses too early and too profuse. Neuralgic pains from face to shoulders and pubis. Desire with vaginal pruritus.

Dyspnoea; cough; bluish expectoration. Burning and pain in nipples.

Itching, burning; oedema of hands and feet. Burning and swelling of soles. Copious and offensive sweat of feet.

Eczema; itching and crawling, especially of chest, upper extremities. Fissures in fingers and heels.

Compare: Anthroxantum - sweet vernal grass (a popular medicine for hay-fever and coryza). Lolium; Cepa; Sabad.; Silica.

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