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Anacardium Occidentale - Itching

Anacardium Occidentale - Itching

Anacardium Occidentale - Itching
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Anacardium Occidentale Single homeopathic remedy for the symptom of  Itching

4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Anacardium occidentale

     Cashew nut erysipelas, vesicular facial eruptions, anaesthetic variety of leprosy; warts, corns, ulcers, cracking of the skin on soles of feet.

      Rhus poisoning.

      The effects of the Cashew nut are known through instances of poisoning.
      It acts powerfully on the skin, causing erysipelas, blisters, and swelling, and has been used as an antidote to Rhus poisoning. The juice has been used locally as an applications to corns, warts, hard excrescences, ringworms, and obstinate ulcers.
      It causes weakness of memory and mind like A. orient.
      General paralytic state.
      Tongue painfully swollen.
      Vesicular eruption, on face especially Itching almost intolerable, umbilicated vesicles as in small-pox.
      The erysipelas spreads from left to right, and it cures erysipelas spreading from right to left, Rhus t. cures cases spreading left to right.

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