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Tart Cherries Extract - Natural source of Melatonin  4 ounce

Tart Cherries Extract - Natural source of Melatonin 4 ounce

Tart Cherries Extract - Natural source of Melatonin  4 ounce
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Tart Cherries (Prunus cheasus sativa montmorency) Extract Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically as a natural source of Melatonin, helps unclog arteries and also been shown to be effective in shrinking tumors.

Common Names: Tart Cherries

Parts Used: Cherries

Tart Cherries Extract from Pure Herbs contains among other things something called Melatonii(mell-uh-tone-in).  This is a substance normally made by a gland deep in the back of the brain known as the pineal (pi-nee-al) gland.  THis name pineal refers to the shape which is roughly like that of a pine cone.

The pineal gland contains cells similar to the cells of the human eye, it also contains crystals.  Medical text books often refer to these crystals as "brain dust."  It is believed that both of these structures are activated in some way by light.

On a physical level, Melatonin has been recognized as necessary for a good night's sleep in addition it has the responsiblity for the proper functioning of the biological clock.  

These are the living clocks in the brain that time the process of hormone production in the body, as well as other functions.  It is believed that Melatonin plays a large role in the aging process of the human body.

Take turtles as a comparision.  Turtles continue to be active and behave as turtles throughout the duration of their lives.  THere are no senior citizen homes, prisons or insane asylums for turtles.  Additionally, no matter how long they live, they do not stop their sexual functions nor do they stop producing young for as long as they live.  

This is probably the way the human body should function also.  Unfortuantly we seem to run out of Melatonin and therefore have difficulty producing hormones.  

In addition to a rich supply of Melatonin, Tart Cherries Extract contain compounds called Anthocyanins (ann-tho-sigh-ann-ins).  Natural food researchers, at Michigan State University, have shown these anthocyanins to work ten times better than aspirin to reduce swelling and discomfort.

These same anthocyanins are also shown to be more effective than Vitamin C and Vitamin E in preventing plaque "junk" from clogging up our arteries and heart.

Tart Cherries have also been shown to be extremely effective in shrinking tumors@  

Best yet - it taste good, just like Mom's cherry pie.

Recommended Dosage:  As a natural source of Melatonin take 40 drops to one teaspoonful of Tart Cherries Pure Herbs Liquid Extract three times per day, depending upon the severity of the condition that needs correcting.  To sleep better, pet patient, it may take up to one month before you notice results.  Repairing the sleep machinery in the body, may take that long before it can be activated. 

Directions on label: For adults, mix 2 ml of extract in 2 oz (60 ml) of water one time daily preferably with a meal.

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