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Pure Herbs Special

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Vita-Lixir - Liquid multi-vitamin supplement  4 ounce

Vita-Lixir - Liquid multi-vitamin supplement 4 ounce

Vita-Lixir - Liquid multi-vitamin supplement  4 ounce
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Vita-Lixir Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically as a Liquid multi-vitamin supplement entirely from herbs and vegetables, can be applied externally of infants.

Note: This product contains gluten

Vita-Lixir Pure Herbs Liquid Extract is an all vegetable source, liquid multi-vitamin supplement.  Vita-Lixir contains no artificial flavorings or synthetic vitamins.  Vita-Lixir Pure Herbs Liquid Extract is produced from foods in liquid form without heat.  In this form, it is available to the cells of the body for immediate and easy absorption.  This provides a definite advantage over a tablet or capsule.  

Vita-Lixir Pure Herbs Liquid Extract does not need to work its way through 25 feet of the intestinal system in large quantities and maybe get digested to be absorbed.  This breat product can even be applied externally for absorption, as on the soles of the feet or under the ribs for babies or those who can't or won't swallow.

Selected foods were chosen as appropriate sources to provide a rich, natural supply of specific vitamins.
  • Carrot Roots and Dandelion Leaves for a non-harmful, rich supply of Vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes.
  • Dandelion Leaves also provide a gentle and highly effective vegetable iron for energy and healthy blood
  • Rice Bran for the properly balanced ratio and entire complex of B vitamins for steady nerves and normal, health cell division.
  • Wild Rose Hip supplies a complete source of Vitamin C complex
  • Raw Sunflower Seeds provide a non-harmful Vitamin D for strong, healthy bones and joints.
  • Raw Wheat Germ provides Vitamin E complex which provides for proper oxygenation of cells and tissues as well as helping with free radicals.
  • Dandelion Leaves contribute Vitamin K for proper blood clotting properties and hemorrhage prevention.
  • Liquid Bee Pollen contains all the elements of new life, included for cellular energy and maintenance, regaining stamina and a high quality protein lift.
  • Genetian supports the organs of digestion as a digestaid.
For anyone who want an all-vegetable, full spectrum Multi-Vitamin liquid, Vita-Lixir Pure Herbs Liquid Extract is the perfect choice.  

Note: When dealing with natural vitamins (those produced by Nature and not in a chemistry laboratory), what is desired is their dependable activity and effectiveness, not how many grams or milligrams of vitamins they contain.  The activity level of vitamins from Nature should not be confused with the manmade or coal tar source (high potency) type vitamins,, which are needed in large quantitiy to get any type of affect.  Mother Nature does not stamp the milligram amounts of vitamins on the roots of Carrots or under the leaves of Dandelions or on a Wild Rose Hip.  She simple makes and includes whatever is necessary to make living systems work!  So don't get lost in the confusion of how many milligrams or i.u.'s are necessary for a healthy body.

Directions on label: For adults, mix 2 ml of extract in 2 oz (60 ml) of water one time daily preferably with a meal.

Herbal Combination: Dandelion Leaves, Carrot Roots, Rice Bran, Wild Rose Hips, Raw Sunflower Seeds, Raw Wheat Germ, Gentian, Bee Pollen

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