March 2022
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Ancient Medicine Summit March 2022

Ancient Medicine Summit March 2022

Did you know that over the last 10 years, nearly every academic institution in the world has been conducting studies on mushrooms and psychedelics?

These medicines are well on the way to changing healthcare as we know it.

In fact, new studies are being published almost daily on their wide range of unprecedented benefits.

This NEW scientific research is revealing that these ANCIENT remedies can reverse the effects of trauma, chronic illness, mental health challenges and addictions, and make us more resilient so that we can maintain those gains long-term.

Join me to explore scientific and traditional perspectives on these earth-based medicines and the power they have to help you, your pets, your garden and the planet to be healthy, balanced and deeply resilient.

—>>Learn more when you attend this complimentary, online event!

The New Science of Ancient Medicines could help you answer questions like:

  • Are psychedelics addictive?
  • What is psilocybin?
  • Why should someone engage with psychedelic medicines?
  • Is psychedelic therapy safe for those who have experienced sexual trauma?
  • Do psychedelics amplify awareness?
  • What’s the difference between decriminalization & legalization?
  • What are the anti-disease properties of medicinal mushrooms?
  • Get answers to these and many more questions!

Be sure to mark your calendar for March 7-13, 2022!

Why attend this important health event?
Your host, Dr. Maya Shetreat, works and studies with indigenous communities and healers from around the world and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing and the sacred.

Like many of us, she grew up learning that mushrooms and psychedelics were dangerous. But when she started learning with her teacher in Ecuador, she began to understand that these are foods and medicines that have existed since long before humans and that there is deep healing associated with them. She immersed herself in the science, and as she saw very sick and stuck patients improve profoundly, she knew she had to share these medicines with the world.

She’s here to help you by sharing what she’s learned.

Yes, you truly have the means to get started on better health today!

—>>I’ll see you online at The New Science of Ancient Medicines: Heal Trauma & Build Resilience when you register now!

P.S. When you register for The New Science of Ancient Medicines: Heal Trauma & Build Resilience, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about the power mushrooms and psychedelics have to transform your mental and physical health!

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