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Pure Herbs Special

Pure Herbs Special

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Pure Herbs Sale

Pure Herbs Sale

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Nature's Sunshine Products

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NSP January 2020 Sales

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Health Talks October 2019

Health Talks October 2019

Body Electric Summit

October 7 - 13, 2019

At a time when societies are seeing collective health, quality of life and environmental health decline rapidly, The Body Electric Summit is here to show us how to reverse these recent trends, healing and shifting the entire paradigm of chronic disease and quality of life.

This summit will scientifically demonstrate energy, frequency and vibrational healing as part of the recipe for a long, healthy life.

--->>Join me at The Body Electric Summit to learn about energy, frequency and vibrational healing!

In fact, one of the techniques you'll learn about is Autonomic Response Testing (ART). ART is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam which measures changes in muscle tone. It produces the most reliable and consistent responses over other forms of muscle testing, going deeper into matrix and intercellular levels.

ART was developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. It has become a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helped transform many practices into healing centers -- and helped many practitioners evolve into accomplished holistic physicians.

What we'll discuss at The Body Electric Summit:
What a bio-field is and how to assess the health of it
Pole-filters, signal enhancers, lasers, etc.
Body regulation and what it means to testing
Forms of neurological and mental switching
How to scan for primary vs. secondary issues
Body map: where and how to test the structures
Psychological, extra-cellular and intracellular testing
Screening supplements, foods and medications
Protocols for autism, Lyme, metals, parasites, infections, etc.
Psychological perturbance and unresolved family issues
How the dental component affects a person
And so much more!

Dozens of the world's leading experts in nutrition, exercise, longevity, integrative health, anti-aging and lifestyle medicine will be sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise at this one-of-a-kind event.

I encourage you to register today so you don't miss it!

--->>Click here to join me at The Body Electric Summit, free and online!

P.S. When you register for The Body Electric Summit, you'll also gain access to Dr. Shaffner's powerful eGuide, Energy Hygiene: Practical Guide & Healing Checklists.

Home Medicine Summit

October 14-20, 2019

Registration is now open (and FREE tickets available) for Marjory Wildcraft's Home Medicine Summit 2019!

Marjory has gathered 38 expert talks that promise to set you free of drugstores by showing you how to be NATURALLY healthy... when you learn to make your own medicine!

The speaker lineup includes big names like: Rosemary Gladstar, Rosalee de la Foret, Donna Gates, Ananta Ripa Ajmera, Bevin Clare, Sajah Popham and Kami McBride, just to name a few!

If this will be your first time attending an online summit, you should know it's a 100% online event that's FREE for you to attend!

And, it kicks off Monday, October 14th. It will run 24 hours a day for 7 full days with 2 encore days.

There will be over 45 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy, covering topics that include:
+ How to improve digestion with Ayurveda 
+ Herbal medicine kit for international travelers
+ Healing Lyme disease naturally 
+ Introduction to homeopathy 
+ 3 things you can do to improve eyesight naturally 
+ Heart healthy herbs for circulation 
+ 12 steps to sleep like a baby
+ How to make a kidney wrap
+ And that's just the beginning!

Even though this event takes place 100% online, so you can watch it all from home...

And, it's completely free for you to attend...

--->>You MUST register + reserve your seat here!

Only registered attendees will get the complete schedule, with instructions for watching!

P.S. Yes, Marjory will make recordings of the entire event available for purchase (audios, videos and transcripts) for those who can't attend the free event. If you have schedule conflicts, you can grab the recordings and watch it on your own schedule!

Essential Oils Transformation

October 14-20, 2019

Did you know: the average woman applies over 300 chemicals EACH DAY to her body through the use of common goods like soap, makeup, shampoo and hair products?

And, there are 1000s of synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals hidden beneath disguised terms, like "trade-secret ingredients" and "fragrance."

It's time to replace these toxins with essential oils, don't you think?

Because, it's true: essential oils are an easy, simple, affordable and approachable way to replace toxic, everyday products with truly natural solutions.

--->>Join me for The Essential Oils Transformation, a free and online event!

Your host, Samantha Lee Wright, is an essential oils expert whose top-rated podcast will soon publish its 200th episode. After all this time, she still finds new applications and topics to discuss because essential oils can help us in so many different ways.

And, it's important because...

The #2 cause of death in the US currently is cancer, and 1 in 5 of cancer cases can be directly linked to chemical exposure.

The Environmental Working Group conducted a study in which they found 287 chemicals in newborn umbilical cord blood:
●	180 of which cause cancer in humans or animals
●	217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system
●	208 cause developmental problems

We are the gatekeepers to our own homes, and we can't always control the chemical exposure around us.

With the help of essential oils, we can dramatically reduce our toxic load.

"Fragrance" oils and "essential" oils are NOT the same thing. Terms like "perfume" or "fragrance," are most likely to be synthetic substances formulated in a lab using toxic petrochemicals that can be hazardous to health.

True, pure essential oils are not synthetic, are generally very safe to use and will help rather than harm your health.

Join me to learn hundreds of practical, everyday uses of essential oils, plus empowering safety guidelines to use them with confidence. Even the most experienced oil users will expand their knowledge and learn something new.

--->>Join me for The Essential Oils Transformation, a free and online event!

P.S. When you register for The Essential Oils Transformation, you also gain access to Samantha's Ultimate Tox-Free Home Guide!

Lupus and Autoimmunity Summit

October 21-28, 2019

Is lupus your answer? It's time to learn more about it. In this disease, the immune system cannot tell the difference between foreign invaders and healthy tissues -- and mistakenly attacks and destroys your joints, organs and/or skin.

Lupus is known as "The Great Imitator" because symptoms can vary and mimic many other conditions/diseases -- yet 5 million worldwide experience their immune system attacking skin, joints and/or organs, with 16,000 new cases each year!

--->>Learn more about lupus when you attend this free, online event!

Millions of people worldwide suffer needlessly with the symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus. Conventional medical treatment for this mysterious disease is limited to symptom management and doesn't address the underlying reasons for why the person developed this devastating, life altering condition, or do anything to actually fix the problem. 

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

This health summit will provide you with all the information you need:
+ Identify and address hidden causes of lupus and autoimmunity
+ Learn immune sensitivities and tolerance
+ How to avoid flare-ups (and how to get out of them quickly!)
+ Simple dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve remission
+ Self empowerment and lifestyle hacks
+ Steps to regain health and live a symptom-free life
+ Achieving long-term remission
+ And more!

The goal of The Lupus & Autoimmunity Summit is to educate, inspire, spread hope and share solutions with those diagnosed or suspecting an autoimmune disease. Anyone diagnosed with lupus, suspecting lupus or with a family member, friend or loved one with this disease will learn simple ways to improve and or regain health!

--->>I'll see you online at this autoimmunity summit when you register today!

P.S. When you register for The Lupus & Autoimmunity Summit, you also gain access to this important guide from your hosts, Lupus & Autoimmunity Recipes.
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