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Pure Herbs Special

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NSP May 2020 Sales

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Excalibur Dehydrator

Excaliber Dehydrator

Pure Herbs Herbal Extracts historically used to support Digestive Health
Digestive Health

Digestive Health

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AG.-W Anti-GasAG.-W Anti-Gas
Aloe - ArthritisAloe - Arthritis
Angelica - DigestionAngelica - Digestion
Astragalus - immune system builderAstragalus - immune system builder
Barberry Liquid Extract- convalenscenseBarberry Liquid Extract- convalenscense
Blessed Thistle - oxygenation to brainBlessed Thistle - oxygenation to brain
Brewer's Yeast - Allergies, calm nervesBrewer's Yeast - Allergies, calm nerves
C.S.-W - Circulatory System, blood pressureC.S.-W - Circulatory System, blood pressure
Calendula - blood cleanserCalendula - blood cleanser
Carrot Root - Vitamin ACarrot Root - Vitamin A
Chicory - Gland cleanerChicory - Gland cleaner
Culver's Root (Black Root) - Bowel cleanerCulver's Root (Black Root) - Bowel cleaner
D-W - DigestionD-W - Digestion
Dandelion Root -  vigorous body cleaner.Dandelion Root - vigorous body cleaner.
E&F-W - Energy and FitnessE&F-W - Energy and Fitness
False Unicorn Root - Bright's Dis-easeFalse Unicorn Root - Bright's Dis-ease
Fennel - digestion aid,Fennel - digestion aid,
Fenugreek - Lymph gland and skin cleaner.Fenugreek - Lymph gland and skin cleaner.
Feverfew - MigrainesFeverfew - Migraines
Formula Max - Body buildingFormula Max - Body building
GB-B- Gallbladder ProblemsGB-B- Gallbladder Problems
Gentian -  Increased immunityGentian - Increased immunity
Golden Seal - TonicGolden Seal - Tonic
Green Ginger aka Mugwort - WormsGreen Ginger aka Mugwort - Worms
Juniper Berries - kidneys and urinary systemJuniper Berries - kidneys and urinary system
L6-W - Last 6 Weeks PregnancyL6-W - Last 6 Weeks Pregnancy
LIV-J - Liver cleansingLIV-J - Liver cleansing
Myrrh - immune system.Myrrh - immune system.
Peach Leaf - Eliminate bad breathPeach Leaf - Eliminate bad breath
Safflowers Liquid Extract - immune system and digestionSafflowers Liquid Extract - immune system and digestion
Sage - brain stimulantSage - brain stimulant
Stillingia - Lymphatic problemsStillingia - Lymphatic problems
Turkey Rhubarb - Acute diarrheaTurkey Rhubarb - Acute diarrhea
Vitamin C T/R - Immune SystemVitamin C T/R - Immune System
W.-W - ParasitesW.-W - Parasites
WL-S - Weight LossWL-S - Weight Loss
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