Respiratory System Herbal Extract
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Pure Herbs herbal extracts historically used to support the Respiratory System, which is composed of the lungs and respiratory passages, allows us to breathe. The Respiratory System, allows us to breath. Breathing is an exchange of gases - the body takes in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide. This system consists of the lungs which is where the gaseous exchange takes place and the respiratory passages or airways which guide the air to the lungs. It includes the nose, larynx (sound box), trachea (windpipe), bronchi and lungs.
Respiratory System

Respiratory System

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AEA-B AsthmaAEA-B Asthma
AIF-T Anti-inflammatory for FemalesAIF-T Anti-inflammatory for Females
Bayberry - AstringentBayberry - Astringent
Bistort - Dry coughs, expels mucusBistort - Dry coughs, expels mucus
Bitter Orange - Allergies, hay feverBitter Orange - Allergies, hay fever
Cedar Berry - pancreatic functionCedar Berry - pancreatic function
CHE-B -  Chest ElixirCHE-B - Chest Elixir
Chestnut Leaf - Varicose veins, hemorrhoidsChestnut Leaf - Varicose veins, hemorrhoids
Chippewa Pine - repair bonesChippewa Pine - repair bones
Elderberry - colds, fluElderberry - colds, flu
Elecampane - diabetesElecampane - diabetes
Eucalyptus - expectorantEucalyptus - expectorant
Eyebright - Eye problemsEyebright - Eye problems
Greasewood - AntifungalGreasewood - Antifungal
HB-W - Hormonal BalanceHB-W - Hormonal Balance
Inkberry - Mercury poisoningInkberry - Mercury poisoning
IV-H - InfectionIV-H - Infection
L-W - LungsL-W - Lungs
L.A.S.-J.B -  LungsL.A.S.-J.B - Lungs
Licorice Root- low blood sugarLicorice Root- low blood sugar
Marshmallow - Reduce inflammation,Marshmallow - Reduce inflammation,
Mayapple - Bowel cleanerMayapple - Bowel cleaner
Mullein - Lung RepairMullein - Lung Repair
Peppermint Leaf - AntispasmodicPeppermint Leaf - Antispasmodic
Peppermint Oil - HeadachesPeppermint Oil - Headaches
Pleurisy Root - Hardening of the arteriesPleurisy Root - Hardening of the arteries
Red Clover - Moisten Dry MouthRed Clover - Moisten Dry Mouth
Red Clover Blended - Blood cleanserRed Clover Blended - Blood cleanser
SI.-W - SinusSI.-W - Sinus
SIA-R - Sinus problemsSIA-R - Sinus problems
Spikenard - AcneSpikenard - Acne
Spring Violet - Stubborn skin problemsSpring Violet - Stubborn skin problems
Sunflower Seed - ArthritisSunflower Seed - Arthritis
Vitamin A&D -  SkinVitamin A&D - Skin
Wheat Germ - Canker soresWheat Germ - Canker sores
Wild Cherry Bark "Special"Wild Cherry Bark "Special"
Wild Cherry Bark - RespiratoryWild Cherry Bark - Respiratory
Wild Lettuce - Pain ReliefWild Lettuce - Pain Relief
Wintergreen Oil - Natural AspirinWintergreen Oil - Natural Aspirin
Yerba Santa - Asthma attacksYerba Santa - Asthma attacks
Yerba Santa Combination - Lung congestionYerba Santa Combination - Lung congestion
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