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Excalibur Dehydrator

Excalibur Dehydrator

Excaliber Dehydrator

Pure Herbs Herbal Extracts with herbs which have been historically used to support the Circulatory System consisting of the heart, blood, arteries, veins and capillaries. It primarily pumps blood to and from the heart to supply oxygen to the body. The Circulatory System, also called the cardiovascular system, consists of our heart, blood and blood vessels. It is a system that permits blood to circulate and transport nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, and blood cells to and from the cells in the body to provide nourishment and help in fighting diseases. It also helps to stabilize the body’s temperature and pH levels.
Circulatory System

Circulatory System

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BC-W - Blood CleanerBC-W - Blood Cleaner
Blessed Thistle - oxygenation to brainBlessed Thistle - oxygenation to brain
Blue Flag - lymphatic cleanserBlue Flag - lymphatic cleanser
BP-W - Blood PurifierBP-W - Blood Purifier
Bugleweed - Heart, Poison antidoteBugleweed - Heart, Poison antidote
Butcher's Broom - Bone, Varicose VeinsButcher's Broom - Bone, Varicose Veins
C.S.-W - Circulatory System, blood pressureC.S.-W - Circulatory System, blood pressure
Calendula - blood cleanserCalendula - blood cleanser
Capsicum -  Stimulant, diaphoreticCapsicum - Stimulant, diaphoretic
Celandine Liquid Extract for eyes, jaundice, insomniaCelandine Liquid Extract for eyes, jaundice, insomnia
Chicory - Gland cleanerChicory - Gland cleaner
E-W - EyesE-W - Eyes
EAZY Co-Q-10 - stronger heartEAZY Co-Q-10 - stronger heart
EH-T - Emotional Health, AttentionEH-T - Emotional Health, Attention
Flax - cholesterol, triglyceride reductionFlax - cholesterol, triglyceride reduction
Formula Max - Body buildingFormula Max - Body building
Formula Thirty One - Prolapsed of uterusFormula Thirty One - Prolapsed of uterus
Garlic - AntibioticGarlic - Antibiotic
Ginger root - StimulantGinger root - Stimulant
Ginkgo - MemoryGinkgo - Memory
Ginkgo Comb - Memory and concentrationGinkgo Comb - Memory and concentration
Golden Bough - Build immunityGolden Bough - Build immunity
Golden Days - Fluid RetentionGolden Days - Fluid Retention
Gotu Kola - MemoryGotu Kola - Memory
Green Ginger & Wormseed - ParasitesGreen Ginger & Wormseed - Parasites
Hawthorn - Heart regulation and repairHawthorn - Heart regulation and repair
He Shou Wu - CardiovascularHe Shou Wu - Cardiovascular
Hibiscus Flowers - Free RadicalsHibiscus Flowers - Free Radicals
Hops - Radiation poisoning,Hops - Radiation poisoning,
Horsetail - Kidneys,Horsetail - Kidneys,
HT Combination - Heart TonicHT Combination - Heart Tonic
Hyssop - Expel gasHyssop - Expel gas
LC-W - Lymphatic CleanerLC-W - Lymphatic Cleaner
Lily of the Vally & Blessed Thistle - Heart RepairLily of the Vally & Blessed Thistle - Heart Repair
LLOYD'S FORMULA - Blood Parasite CleanserLLOYD'S FORMULA - Blood Parasite Cleanser
Meadowsweet - natural aspirin sourceMeadowsweet - natural aspirin source
Mistletoe- Build immunityMistletoe- Build immunity
Mullein - Lung RepairMullein - Lung Repair
Myrrh - immune system.Myrrh - immune system.
Nettle - ArthritisNettle - Arthritis
NSS-M - Natural Sex StimulantNSS-M - Natural Sex Stimulant
OC-M - Healthy Clean ArteriesOC-M - Healthy Clean Arteries
Olive Leaf - AntibioticOlive Leaf - Antibiotic
PA-K - Poison AntidotePA-K - Poison Antidote
Pleurisy Root - Hardening of the arteriesPleurisy Root - Hardening of the arteries
Reishi Mushroom - TumorsReishi Mushroom - Tumors
Sanicle - PurifyingSanicle - Purifying
Sassafras - AllergiesSassafras - Allergies
SH-G - StressSH-G - Stress
Tart Cherries Extract - Natural source of MelatoninTart Cherries Extract - Natural source of Melatonin
Valerian Root - Calm nervesValerian Root - Calm nerves
Vinca - LeukemiaVinca - Leukemia
VVH-W - Varicose Veins & HemorrhoidsVVH-W - Varicose Veins & Hemorrhoids
Wild Lettuce & Wood Betony - migrainesWild Lettuce & Wood Betony - migraines
Wild Rose Hips - Longevity,Wild Rose Hips - Longevity,
Willow -  Natural aspirinWillow - Natural aspirin
WL-S - Weight LossWL-S - Weight Loss
Wood Betony - MigraineWood Betony - Migraine
Yarrow - HealingYarrow - Healing
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