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Pure Herbs Special

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Excaliber Dehydrator

Pure Herbs Herbal Extracts contain herbs historically used to support Overall Good Health which is the general condition of the body and mind being vigorous and free from disease.. To reach and maintain overall good health and wellness requires us to understand many different aspects of our health. One of the most important of these is proper nutrition, which affects energy, growth, body repairs and reproduction. Vitamins and minerals are key components of this. To keep our bodies functioning properly also requires enzymes. Without the proper enzymes, our bodies are more vulnerable to disease and illness. Sleep is one aspect that is absolutely necessary. As we sleep, our bodies repair themselves from any damage that may have happened during the day. Without enough sleep our stress levels become elevated which can lead to ill health. As we age, we become more vulnerable to illness and disease. One of the main reasons for this is the accumulation of toxins and wastes inside the body. A good way to feel healthy and energetic again is through whole body cleansing or detoxification which is a process of neutralizing toxins within the body. Another aspect of good health which is very beneficial for long-term health and wellness is regular exercise and physical activity. These can help in reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as diabetes. Exercise or physical activity also helps keep weight and body fat under control. And finally, a positive attitude goes a long way in attaining the goals of good health and wellness. The mind is responsible for controlling many factors that affect our health. Things like managing stress, eating a good diet and exercising to maintain a healthy weight, as well as to lower blood pressure. Each person can set their own mindset. Without a positive attitude toward health, the mind will often take over and do things that are not good for the body.
Health Maintenance

Health Maintenance

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All Cell SaltsAll Cell Salts
Bee Propolis - Colds, coughs, flu,Bee Propolis - Colds, coughs, flu,
Blessed Thistle - oxygenation to brainBlessed Thistle - oxygenation to brain
Broad Beans - Source of B Vitamins, L-DopamineBroad Beans - Source of B Vitamins, L-Dopamine
Bugleweed - Heart, Poison antidoteBugleweed - Heart, Poison antidote
CA.-W - Calcium supplement, irregular heart beatCA.-W - Calcium supplement, irregular heart beat
Chickweed -  Contact healer, emollientChickweed - Contact healer, emollient
Chlorella - improves memoryChlorella - improves memory
Crampbark - AntispasmodicCrampbark - Antispasmodic
EAZY Co-Q-10 - stronger heartEAZY Co-Q-10 - stronger heart
EH-T - Emotional Health, AttentionEH-T - Emotional Health, Attention
Elecampane - diabetesElecampane - diabetes
Figs & Flax - stomach, ulcers.Figs & Flax - stomach, ulcers.
Flax - cholesterol, triglyceride reductionFlax - cholesterol, triglyceride reduction
Formula M - Multiple vitamin and mineral sourceFormula M - Multiple vitamin and mineral source
Formula Max - Body buildingFormula Max - Body building
HIK-W - PotassiumHIK-W - Potassium
Hydrangea - Kidney stonesHydrangea - Kidney stones
Kelp - EnergyKelp - Energy
Kudzu - Break alcohol addiction.Kudzu - Break alcohol addiction.
Male Fern - WormsMale Fern - Worms
Oat Straw - HairOat Straw - Hair
PC-C - Blood and Liver CorrectivePC-C - Blood and Liver Corrective
Protein -  LongevityProtein - Longevity
Rice Bran - EnergyRice Bran - Energy
Sage - brain stimulantSage - brain stimulant
Sheep Sorrel - LongevitySheep Sorrel - Longevity
Spirulina - Radiation poisoning,Spirulina - Radiation poisoning,
Superb Supplemental Plus - Multi Vit/MinSuperb Supplemental Plus - Multi Vit/Min
Superb Wheat Grass Ext. - Life energySuperb Wheat Grass Ext. - Life energy
Vita-Lixir - Liquid multi-vitamin supplementVita-Lixir - Liquid multi-vitamin supplement
Vitamin A&D -  SkinVitamin A&D - Skin
Vitamin C T/R - Immune SystemVitamin C T/R - Immune System
Vitamin E -  CirculationVitamin E - Circulation
W.-W - ParasitesW.-W - Parasites
Wild Lettuce & Wood Betony - migrainesWild Lettuce & Wood Betony - migraines
YTHE.-I - for the young and the young and heartYTHE.-I - for the young and the young and heart
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