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Pure Herbs Special

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Pure Herbs herbal extracts historically used to support the Endocrine System whichis a collection of glands that secrete hormones into the blood which regulate growth, development and homeostasis (the regulation of the body’s temperature and the balance between acidity and alkalinity (pH) The Endocrine System is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood, among other things. This collection of glands is made up of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries (in females) and testicles (in males), as well as the liver and kidneys. Each of these glands secretes one or more different hormones in the blood for different functions.
Endocrine System

Endocrine System

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Ashwagandha - energyAshwagandha - energy
Astragalus - immune system builderAstragalus - immune system builder
B&B-W - Brain and BalanceB&B-W - Brain and Balance
Bee Pollen - EnergyBee Pollen - Energy
Bee Pollen Special - Energy, stamina, fatigueBee Pollen Special - Energy, stamina, fatigue
Bee Propolis - Colds, coughs, flu,Bee Propolis - Colds, coughs, flu,
Bladderwrack - weight reduction, energy,Bladderwrack - weight reduction, energy,
Blessed Thistle - oxygenation to brainBlessed Thistle - oxygenation to brain
Blue Steele - restores and enhances sexual activity.Blue Steele - restores and enhances sexual activity.
Blue Vervain - tonicBlue Vervain - tonic
Blueberry Leaf - Diabetes, urinary complaintsBlueberry Leaf - Diabetes, urinary complaints
Brewer's Yeast - Allergies, calm nervesBrewer's Yeast - Allergies, calm nerves
Buchu Liquid Extract - healthy reproductive and genito-urinary tractBuchu Liquid Extract - healthy reproductive and genito-urinary tract
Chamomile - CalmingChamomile - Calming
Chickweed -  Contact healer, emollientChickweed - Contact healer, emollient
Chicory - Gland cleanerChicory - Gland cleaner
Crampbark & False Unicorn - FertilityCrampbark & False Unicorn - Fertility
Cudweed - head liceCudweed - head lice
Damiana - sexual stimulantDamiana - sexual stimulant
DAN-C -Depression, Anxiety, NervousnessDAN-C -Depression, Anxiety, Nervousness
DB8-W - Diabetic herbsDB8-W - Diabetic herbs
Dulse - ThyroidDulse - Thyroid
E&F-W - Energy and FitnessE&F-W - Energy and Fitness
EAZY Co-Q-10 - stronger heartEAZY Co-Q-10 - stronger heart
EH-T - Emotional Health, AttentionEH-T - Emotional Health, Attention
EO-W - addictionEO-W - addiction
False Unicorn Root - Bright's Dis-easeFalse Unicorn Root - Bright's Dis-ease
Feverfew - MigrainesFeverfew - Migraines
Formula Max - Body buildingFormula Max - Body building
Formula Three - Strength, StaminaFormula Three - Strength, Stamina
GF-G - Arthritis,GF-G - Arthritis,
GO-W - Herbal StimulantGO-W - Herbal Stimulant
Golden Bough - Build immunityGolden Bough - Build immunity
Golden Seal - TonicGolden Seal - Tonic
Greasewood - AntifungalGreasewood - Antifungal
He Shou Wu - CardiovascularHe Shou Wu - Cardiovascular
HEMIDESMUS INDICUS Indian Sarsaparilla -  StressHEMIDESMUS INDICUS Indian Sarsaparilla - Stress
HNS- W - Hair, Nails, Skin, NailsHNS- W - Hair, Nails, Skin, Nails
Hoodia - weight lossHoodia - weight loss
Hoodia Combination - Appetite controlHoodia Combination - Appetite control
Hops - Radiation poisoning,Hops - Radiation poisoning,
HYG.-W - HypoglycemiaHYG.-W - Hypoglycemia
Kava Kava Comb -  StressKava Kava Comb - Stress
Kelp - EnergyKelp - Energy
LBR-W - Lower Bowel RepairLBR-W - Lower Bowel Repair
Licorice Root- low blood sugarLicorice Root- low blood sugar
Maca - Energy and staminaMaca - Energy and stamina
MG -W - Multi-GlandularMG -W - Multi-Glandular
Mistletoe- Build immunityMistletoe- Build immunity
Motherwort - Build heart staminaMotherwort - Build heart stamina
NP-T - Nerve and PainNP-T - Nerve and Pain
Prickly Ash - Overall stimulantPrickly Ash - Overall stimulant
Rice Bran - EnergyRice Bran - Energy
Royal Jelly -  EnergyRoyal Jelly - Energy
Sassafras - AllergiesSassafras - Allergies
Scullcap - NervineScullcap - Nervine
SM & W-S - Stimulant for Men & WomenSM & W-S - Stimulant for Men & Women
SMF-B - Stress Maintenance FormulaSMF-B - Stress Maintenance Formula
St. John's Wort - DepressionSt. John's Wort - Depression
Superb Wheat Grass Ext. - Life energySuperb Wheat Grass Ext. - Life energy
T.-W - ThyroidT.-W - Thyroid
Tart Cherries Extract - Natural source of MelatoninTart Cherries Extract - Natural source of Melatonin
Three Bees - EnergyThree Bees - Energy
Vitamin B Complex - EnergyVitamin B Complex - Energy
VM-W - Vital MineralsVM-W - Vital Minerals
White Oak Bark - AntibioticWhite Oak Bark - Antibiotic
Whole Apricot - Glandular areasWhole Apricot - Glandular areas
Wild Lettuce - Pain ReliefWild Lettuce - Pain Relief
Willow -  Natural aspirinWillow - Natural aspirin
WL-S - Weight LossWL-S - Weight Loss
WL-W - Weight LossWL-W - Weight Loss
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