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Pure Herbs Special

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Excalibur Dehydrator

Excalibur Dehydrator

Excaliber Dehydrator

Pure Herbs herbal extracts used historically to support the Digestive System, whose organs include the mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, the small and large intestines and the rectum, allows the body to break down and absorb food, and remove waste. The Digestive System is the food processing system of the human body. It includes the mouth (teeth, tongue and salivary glands), esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small and large intestines and the rectum. Together, these organs convert food into essential nutrients that are absorbed into the body and eliminated as unused waste material.
Digestive System

Digestive System

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AG.-W Anti-GasAG.-W Anti-Gas
Alfalfa - FoodAlfalfa - Food
Aloe - ArthritisAloe - Arthritis
Angelica - DigestionAngelica - Digestion
AP-W Anti-PlagueAP-W Anti-Plague
Astragalus - immune system builderAstragalus - immune system builder
Barberry Liquid Extract- convalenscenseBarberry Liquid Extract- convalenscense
Beet Root - Liver cleanerBeet Root - Liver cleaner
Blessed Thistle - oxygenation to brainBlessed Thistle - oxygenation to brain
Blood Root / Red Root  -  Gum dis-easeBlood Root / Red Root - Gum dis-ease
Blue Flag - lymphatic cleanserBlue Flag - lymphatic cleanser
Blueberry Leaf - Diabetes, urinary complaintsBlueberry Leaf - Diabetes, urinary complaints
Brewer's Yeast - Allergies, calm nervesBrewer's Yeast - Allergies, calm nerves
Buchu Liquid Extract - healthy reproductive and genito-urinary tractBuchu Liquid Extract - healthy reproductive and genito-urinary tract
Buckthorn - Gentle bowel cleanerBuckthorn - Gentle bowel cleaner
Burdock - Blood cleanerBurdock - Blood cleaner
C.S.-W - Circulatory System, blood pressureC.S.-W - Circulatory System, blood pressure
Calendula - blood cleanserCalendula - blood cleanser
Can.-Sol - Candida formulaCan.-Sol - Candida formula
Carrot Root - Vitamin ACarrot Root - Vitamin A
Cascara Sagrada - bowel cleaner-regularity.Cascara Sagrada - bowel cleaner-regularity.
Catnip - Stimulant, tonicCatnip - Stimulant, tonic
CCE-W - Cleansing Corrective ExtractCCE-W - Cleansing Corrective Extract
Chicory - Gland cleanerChicory - Gland cleaner
Cloves - NauseaCloves - Nausea
Culver's Root (Black Root) - Bowel cleanerCulver's Root (Black Root) - Bowel cleaner
D-W - DigestionD-W - Digestion
Dandelion Root -  vigorous body cleaner.Dandelion Root - vigorous body cleaner.
DB8-W - Diabetic herbsDB8-W - Diabetic herbs
E&F-W - Energy and FitnessE&F-W - Energy and Fitness
False Unicorn Root - Bright's Dis-easeFalse Unicorn Root - Bright's Dis-ease
Fennel - digestion aid,Fennel - digestion aid,
Fenugreek - Lymph gland and skin cleaner.Fenugreek - Lymph gland and skin cleaner.
Feverfew - MigrainesFeverfew - Migraines
Figs & Flax - stomach, ulcers.Figs & Flax - stomach, ulcers.
Figs - Ulcers, burning stomachFigs - Ulcers, burning stomach
Flax - cholesterol, triglyceride reductionFlax - cholesterol, triglyceride reduction
Formula Max - Body buildingFormula Max - Body building
Formula Twelve - sore, irritated areasFormula Twelve - sore, irritated areas
GB-B- Gallbladder ProblemsGB-B- Gallbladder Problems
Gentian -  Increased immunityGentian - Increased immunity
Golden Seal - TonicGolden Seal - Tonic
Greasewood - AntifungalGreasewood - Antifungal
Green Ginger aka Mugwort - WormsGreen Ginger aka Mugwort - Worms
HL ONE-W - Herbal Laxative #1HL ONE-W - Herbal Laxative #1
HYG.-W - HypoglycemiaHYG.-W - Hypoglycemia
Irish Moss - IodineIrish Moss - Iodine
Juniper Berries - kidneys and urinary systemJuniper Berries - kidneys and urinary system
L6-W - Last 6 Weeks PregnancyL6-W - Last 6 Weeks Pregnancy
LBR-W - Lower Bowel RepairLBR-W - Lower Bowel Repair
Lecithin - Mental ExhaustionLecithin - Mental Exhaustion
LG-W - Liver, Gall BladderLG-W - Liver, Gall Bladder
LIV-J - Liver cleansingLIV-J - Liver cleansing
Mayapple - Bowel cleanerMayapple - Bowel cleaner
Milk Thistle - Liver, Reverse alcohol abuseMilk Thistle - Liver, Reverse alcohol abuse
Myrrh - immune system.Myrrh - immune system.
Papaya Mints - Gentle digest aidPapaya Mints - Gentle digest aid
Peach Leaf - Eliminate bad breathPeach Leaf - Eliminate bad breath
Peppermint Leaf - AntispasmodicPeppermint Leaf - Antispasmodic
Plantain - Draw out foreign objectsPlantain - Draw out foreign objects
Psyllium Seed Husk - Stool softenerPsyllium Seed Husk - Stool softener
Purple Loosestrife - EyesPurple Loosestrife - Eyes
Quince - Skin care, hair.Quince - Skin care, hair.
Red Raspberry Leaf - PregnancyRed Raspberry Leaf - Pregnancy
Safflowers Liquid Extract - immune system and digestionSafflowers Liquid Extract - immune system and digestion
Sage - brain stimulantSage - brain stimulant
Senna Liquid ExtractSenna Liquid Extract
Slippery Elm - MumpsSlippery Elm - Mumps
ST.-W - ulcersST.-W - ulcers
Stillingia - Lymphatic problemsStillingia - Lymphatic problems
Strawberry Leaf - High blood pressureStrawberry Leaf - High blood pressure
Sutherlandia Comb -- virus, immuneSutherlandia Comb -- virus, immune
Sweet Root - Build ImmunitySweet Root - Build Immunity
TG & P-W - Teeth, Gums, PlaqueTG & P-W - Teeth, Gums, Plaque
Turkey Rhubarb - Acute diarrheaTurkey Rhubarb - Acute diarrhea
Vitamin A&D -  SkinVitamin A&D - Skin
Vitamin B Complex - EnergyVitamin B Complex - Energy
Vitamin C T/R - Immune SystemVitamin C T/R - Immune System
W.-W - ParasitesW.-W - Parasites
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