Cante Wowicakhe Constitution
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Cante Wowicakhe

Cante Wowicakhe

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    Constitution of the Native American Church of
Cante Wowicakhe

The name of this organization, a nonprofit Corporation, shall be the Native American Church of Cante Wowicakhe (CW).

CW is committed to providing a broad safety net for Natural Healers by effectively bringing the sacred back into healing.  Every member of CW is encouraged to include their own belief system into this sacred way.  Therefore, the ceremonies of the CW do not come in conflict with personal belief systems.  We share the belief that healing is sacred and we all have the right to practice our skill to help in the healing journey of others.

CW supports making available Indigenous Ceremonies practiced and sustained historically by the indigenous American Native peoples and other indigenous cultures around the world.   It is the belief of CW that participation in these sacred ceremonies will enhance one’s ability to embrace the following human attributes:
  • FAITH: Trust, belief, confidence and hope,
  • RESPECT: Esteem, deference, polite and civil,
  • HONOR: Integrity, honesty, goodness and decency,
  • CHARITY: Goodwill, compassion, kindhearted and public- spirited,
  • FORGIVENESS: Pardon, exonerate and hold no resentment,
  • HUMILITY:  Modest, humble, meek and diffidence,
  • GRATITUDE: Grateful, thankful, and appreciation.
CW was established to provide a safety net for natural health practitioners; to provide our community with spiritual fellowship, healing, service and education; and to embrace the practice of earth based Native American traditional ceremonies and natural healing ways.

Medicine men / women, spiritual leader memberships are for those who embrace natural healing as a way of life and have applied for and been accepted by spiritual adoption.  Medicine men / women members must agree they will FIRST DO NO HARM. 

Natural Health Seekers and General Memberships are open to any who wish to participate in and/or support any of ONACCW ceremonies, and/or natural healing.

Medicine men / women/ Spiritual Leader memberships of CW shall be maintained by submitting a written copy of their medicine bundle ceremony, the daily opening and closing of the medicine bundle, free will donation and / or participation in ceremony.  

Health Seeker memberships of Cante Wowicakhe shall be maintained by free will donations and actively seeking better health naturally.

General memberships of Cante Wowicakhe shall be maintained by free will donations and participation in ceremony.

The church property at 1015 Lathrop St, Lansing, Michigan shall belong to Dennis Spencer, president Cante Wowicakhe, and Jeri Spencer, CEO CW as long as they shall walk this earth.

This church shall remain free and self-governing.  

 The officers of this church shall be the President, CEO and any other officers as deemed necessary by the membership.

A supplement to this constitution known as the By-Laws shall embody the stated qualifications for church leaders and officers. The By-Laws shall also include officers’ duties, provisions for appointment of additional leaders and teachers, conditions for membership, method by which members are received, along with other rules and regulations for church activities as needed. The Code of Ethics shall cover such items as reliability, responsibilities, integrity, honor, respect, and confidentiality.

Amendments to this constitution may be made at any business meeting when said proposed Amendments have been presented to the membership in writing and posted for at least one month prior to the business meeting. A two-thirds majority of active members in attendance and agreement of either President or CEO is required for passage.
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