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Vitamin, Minerals, EFA'S, Essential Amino Acids

Vitamin, Minerals, EFA'S, Essential Amino Acids

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients essential for a healthy body.  An organic chemical compound is called a vitamin when it cannot be produced in sufficient quantities by an organism, and must be obtained from food. For example, Vitamin C is a vitamin necessary for humans, but it cannot be produced in the body, it must be extracted from food.  Vitamin D can be synthesized in the body provided there is enough exposure to the sun, but without sufficient sunlight a deficiency soon occurs.  Vitamin D can also be extracted out of foods, the best source being raw liver. 

All minerals are essential.  The human body cannot produce minerals on its own; they must be absorbed into the system from digested foods.  Inorganic minerals, those from sources other than plants are not utilized by the body as nutrients.  They usually are stored wherever the body can find to put them until they can be broken down and eliminated.  Inorganic calicum can often be stored in the joints, building up deposits which hinder the function.

Essential amino acids and essential fatty acids also must be taken in as food and processed into usable form by the body.  These substances are needed in larger amounts than vitamins and minerals. 

No matter whether it be a vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid or amino acid, all nutrients are needed in sufficient amounts for the body to function in a healthy way.  Any deficiency will over time cause deterioration of some kind in the human body. 
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Category Products

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5-HTP Power (60 caps)5-HTP Power (60 caps)
Adrenal Support (60 caps)Adrenal Support (60 caps)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (60 caps)Alpha Lipoic Acid (60 caps)
AnxiousLess (30 and 90 caps) NEW!AnxiousLess (30 and 90 caps) NEW!
Bowel Detox (120 caps)Bowel Detox (120 caps)
Brain Protex w/Huperzine A (60 caps)Brain Protex w/Huperzine A (60 caps)
Calcium Plus Vitamin D (150 tabs)Calcium Plus Vitamin D (150 tabs)
Calcium-Magnesium SynerPro® (150 Tabs)Calcium-Magnesium SynerPro® (150 Tabs)
Caprylic Acid Combination (90 caps)Caprylic Acid Combination (90 caps)
Cellular Energy (60 caps)Cellular Energy (60 caps)
Charcoal, Activated (100 caps)Charcoal, Activated (100 caps)
Chondroitin (60 caps)Chondroitin (60 caps)
Chromium, GTF (90 tabs)Chromium, GTF (90 tabs)
Colostrum (90 caps)Colostrum (90 caps)
Colostrum w/Immune Factors (60 caps)Colostrum w/Immune Factors (60 caps)
CoQ10 (100 mg) (60 softgel caps)CoQ10 (100 mg) (60 softgel caps)
Coral Calcium (75 mg)Coral Calcium (75 mg)
Coral Calcium (90 Cap)Coral Calcium (90 Cap)
Defense Maintenance® (120 caps)Defense Maintenance® (120 caps)
DHA (60 softgel caps)DHA (60 softgel caps)
DHEA-F (Women) (100 caps)DHEA-F (Women) (100 caps)
Equolibrium™ (60 capsules)Equolibrium™ (60 capsules)
Evening Primrose Oil (90 Softgel caps)Evening Primrose Oil (90 Softgel caps)
EverFlex® w/Hyaluronic Acid (60 tabs)EverFlex® w/Hyaluronic Acid (60 tabs)
Fibralgia® (90 caps)Fibralgia® (90 caps)
Flax Seed Oil Liquid (8 fl. oz)Flax Seed Oil Liquid (8 fl. oz)
Flax Seed Oil w/Lignans (60 softgel caps)Flax Seed Oil w/Lignans (60 softgel caps)
Focus AttentionFocus Attention
GABA Plus (60 caps)GABA Plus (60 caps)
Glucosamine (60 caps)Glucosamine (60 caps)
Grapine with Protectors SynerPro®Grapine with Protectors SynerPro®
Grapine®, High Potency (60 tabs)Grapine®, High Potency (60 tabs)
Indole 3 Carbinol (60 caps)Indole 3 Carbinol (60 caps)
Iron, Chelated (180 tabs)Iron, Chelated (180 tabs)
Krill Oil with K2 (60 softgel caps)Krill Oil with K2 (60 softgel caps)
Lecithin (180 softgel caps)Lecithin (180 softgel caps)
Lutein  (60 Caps)Lutein (60 Caps)
Magnesium (250 mg) (180 tabs)Magnesium (250 mg) (180 tabs)
Magnesium Complex (100 caps)Magnesium Complex (100 caps)
Master Gland Formula (120 caps)Master Gland Formula (120 caps)
Mega Chel® (120 tabs)Mega Chel® (120 tabs)
Melatonin Extra® (3 mg) (60 caps)Melatonin Extra® (3 mg) (60 caps)
Men's DHEA-M (Men) (100 caps)Men's DHEA-M (Men) (100 caps)
Methyl Combo (60 ct)Methyl Combo (60 ct)
Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete, liquid (2 fl oz) KosherMethyl Vitamin B12 Complete, liquid (2 fl oz) Kosher
MSM (90 tabs)MSM (90 tabs)
Multiple Vit. & Min., SynerPro® (60 tabs)Multiple Vit. & Min., SynerPro® (60 tabs)
Multiple Vitamin & Mineral T/R (60 tabs)Multiple Vitamin & Mineral T/R (60 tabs)
N-Acetyl Cysteine (300 mg) (60 tabs)N-Acetyl Cysteine (300 mg) (60 tabs)
Nature's Prenatal® (120 tabs)Nature's Prenatal® (120 tabs)
Nature's Sea Calcium (120 capsules) KosherNature's Sea Calcium (120 capsules) Kosher
Niacin (B3) (90 tabs) KosherNiacin (B3) (90 tabs) Kosher
Nutri-Calm® (100 Tabs)Nutri-Calm® (100 Tabs)
Nutri-Calm® (60 Tabs)Nutri-Calm® (60 Tabs)
Pantothenic Acid (250 mg) (100 caps)Pantothenic Acid (250 mg) (100 caps)
Phyto-Soy® (90 caps) KosherPhyto-Soy® (90 caps) Kosher
Potassium Combination (160 caps) KosherPotassium Combination (160 caps) Kosher
SAM-e (200 mg active) 30 tabSAM-e (200 mg active) 30 tab
Skeletal Strength® (150 tabs)Skeletal Strength® (150 tabs)
Solstic Cardio (30 Packets)Solstic Cardio (30 Packets)
Solstic Energy (30 Packets)Solstic Energy (30 Packets)
Solstic Immune (30 packets)Solstic Immune (30 packets)
Solstic Revive (30 packets)Solstic Revive (30 packets)
Solstic Twenty Four (30 packets)Solstic Twenty Four (30 packets)
Stixated™ (30 packets)Stixated™ (30 packets)
Stomach Comfort (60 chewable tabs)Stomach Comfort (60 chewable tabs)
Super Antioxidant (60 Capsules)Super Antioxidant (60 Capsules)
Super GLA Oil Blend (90 Softgel caps)Super GLA Oil Blend (90 Softgel caps)
Super Omega-3 EPA (60 softgel caps)Super Omega-3 EPA (60 softgel caps)
Super ORAC antioxidant (90 caps)Super ORAC antioxidant (90 caps)
Super Supplemental Vit & Min (120 tabs)Super Supplemental Vit & Min (120 tabs)
Super Supplemental Vit & Min w/o iron (120 tabs)Super Supplemental Vit & Min w/o iron (120 tabs)
Super Trio (60 packets) Improved!Super Trio (60 packets) Improved!
Target TS II Formula (90 caps)Target TS II Formula (90 caps)
Thyroid Support (60 caps)Thyroid Support (60 caps)
Vitamin A & D (10,000/400 IU) (100 softgel caps)Vitamin A & D (10,000/400 IU) (100 softgel caps)
Vitamin B Complex (100 caps)Vitamin B Complex (100 caps)
Vitamin B Complex, Balanced (120 tabs)Vitamin B Complex, Balanced (120 tabs)
Vitamin B6 (120 tabs)Vitamin B6 (120 tabs)
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