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Weight loss

Weight loss

Fat, overweight, obesity, are all hot topics if you listen to the news or the talk shows.  America has been on an upward weight spiral and it doesn’t seem to ever stop.  Those who are overweight are frustrated because they can’t seem to lose the extra pounds.  Parents are frustrated because their children continue to gain without any apparent cause. 

So, what is the cause of the obesity epidemic?  Good question!  There is no one cause, there is no one resolution.  Since we are all individuals with individual issues finding the cause for weight gain and even more important figuring out how to lose weight can be a very involved process. 

What are some of the possible causes of excess weight or obesity?
  • Genetics can affect the hormones.  If one or both parents have a problem with excess weight, they can pass on the genetic tendency.  Hormones are necessary for fat regulation
  • Leptin deficiency, Leptins are hormones produced in fat cells and the placenta and control s weight by signaling the brain to eat less when fat stores are high.  If the body can’t produce leptin, or leptin cannot signal the brain to eat less, control is lost.
  • Overeating.  Especially of diets high in fat or sugar.  Eating those foods where there are an excess of calories in a small amount of food (fast foods, fried foods, sweets).
  • Simple carbohydrates increase blood glucose levels, which stimulate insulin release, which stimulates development of fat tissue leading to weight gain.  Includes sugars, fructose, desserts, soft drinks, beer, etc.  Simple carbohydrates are more rapidly absorbed than complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, brown rice, etc. If a man’s waist is more than 40” or a woman’s more than 25” eating too many simple carbohydrates is most likely the cause.
  • Slow metabolism.  Women have less muscle than men.  Muscle burns more calories than other tissues, which means most women have a slower metabolism.  Those who have a slow metabolism will have a lower body temperature.  If the body temperature is below 98 degrees, the thyroid needs support.
  • Muscle loss from lack of exercise
  • Psychological factors including: emotions which influence eating habits; boredom; stress; anger; fear.
Changes you can make to start your weight loss program:
  • Eliminate pop/soda, sugary drinks, and empty calories, replace with good quality water (not chlorinated, chemically or otherwise treated water)
  • Start eating more fruits and vegetables daily, preferably raw. Include a mixed green salad at least twice a day.
  • Fill your plate, then remove half and put it aside for the next meal.
  • Eat slow, take time to chew your food and listen to when your brain tells you that you have eaten enough – then quit even if there is still food on the plate.
  • Don’t eat on the run, in the car, standing up.  Sit down and enjoy your meal.
  • Begin an exercise program.  Walking is a good way to start.  Walk to the end of the driveway, the end of the block, the end of the road.  Each day increase the distance.
  • Stay away from fast food or other restaurants.
  • Snack on fruit or raw veggies instead of cookies, donuts, pastries, etc.
Obesity Facts and Links

Remember – you didn’t gain the excess weight overnight and it will take time to take it back off again.  Don’t try to lose weight fast.  Be realistic about your weight loss goals.  Start today, don’t put it off until tomorrow. 
Losing weight can be a challenge for anyone, start today and begin your personal weight loss program.
Weight Loss Products

Weight Loss Products

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Supplement support for weight loss program

Supplement support for weight loss program

Phase 1 - 2 weeks.
Cleansing- Dieter's cleanse®; If body temperature low add Thyroid Activator

Phase 2: 1 month
Increase metabolism: Metabomax, Metabomax Plus, Metabostart; Ultra Therm™ or, Ultra Therm CF™ Food Enzymes, Thyroid Activator; Stixated™ **Garcinia combination (helps with Carb craving)

Phase 3: 1 month
Increase muscle mass:  Food Enzymes, Dieter's Cleanse, Thyroid Activator, CLA

** Sugar and Carb Cravings - consider adding Fat Grabbers, Cellu Smooth®, Sweet FX™,  CLA, or Nature's Cortisol®
Nature's Sunshine Products which support healthy metabolism and weight loss.
Meal Replacement

Meal Replacement

  Consider adding a meal replacement drink to your daily weight loss regimen.  Meal replacements   from Nature's Sunshine provide complete nutriton in great tasting, low calorie easy to make drinks with no artificial sugars. 

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