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Pure Herbs Special

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March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter

As part of my personal New Year's resolutions I have decided it was important to be more consistent in sending out informational newsletters.  As a result I have been thinking about what is important to me, and what is important to others in order to be prepared to face the changes in our country.  I have lived my entire life as a prepper', beginning with growing up during the cold war era.  My parents made sure there was plenty of food put up from the garden every summer and I can remember the shelves and freezer in the basement being loaded up with home grown and canned produce.  With the onset of grocery stores and processed foods, the skills I grew up have been lost to many.  Therefore, I am planning a series of newsletters on being prepared for whatever might be in store for us in 2021. 

One other major change in our country is the switch from herbal remedies to pharmeceuticals.  Instead of supporting the body to overcome those issues common during the cold weather - colds, flu, aching joints, etc.  many have come to rely on the drug store and the quick fix OTC or prescription drug.  It is even more important to have some herbs and herbal combinations on hand during this time of stress and unrest than it was during the cold war.   In addition, what I find most people have come to rely on, fast shipping, has come to an end.  We can no longer expect next day shipping.  Being prepared means having the means at hand now, not a week later. 

Seasonal Allergies Stock Illustrations – 143 Seasonal Allergies Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - DreamstimeSpring is just around the corner, and with the coming of spring there is more pollen and mold in the air irritating the sinus and nasal passages creating a response in the body known as allergic reactions.   Anyone who has ever experienced an ‘allergy attack’ knows just how miserable it can make you feel. 
While many run to the medical doctor for a prescription there are several natural and herbal options which you can have in your medicine cabinet for those times when the miseries hit.

From Pure Herbs there are several individual and herbal blends.

Sarsaparilla (Smilax officinalis) Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used historically for allergies, lungs, glands, skin, stamina, blood clots, anti-stress, sense of well-being, hormone replacement, energy, female problems, venereal dis-eases, dermatitis.

Sassafras (Sassafras officinale) Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically for Allergies, dissolve and prevent blood clots, blood thinner, hangovers, poison ivy, poison oak.

Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium) Pure Herbs Liquid Extract has been historically used for Allergies, hay fever, pollen, pollution, emotional upsets, bronchitis, asthma.

SIA-R Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically to bring a more complete approach to the relief of sinus problems. Allergies are often associated with and aggravate sinus conditions.  Because of this, the effects of allergies must be handled to reduce the swelling as well as liquefying and draining the sinuses to relieve the pressure miseries. The problem of infections must be addressed with antibiotic herbs. The immune system must also be strengthened. SIA-R does all four of these things and more.  COMBINATION: Golden Seal, Bayberry, Thyme, Indian Tobacco, Capsicum, Wild Rose Hips, Siberian Ginseng, Licorice Root, Blue Vervain, Black Cohosh, Bitter Orange.

SI.-W Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically for Sinus, liquefy and drain sinuses, relieve sinus swelling and discomfort, hay-fever, allergies. COMBINATION: Bayberry, Golden Seal, Wood Betony, Gentian, Chickweed, Oregon Grape.
For those who prefer capsules from Nature’s Sunshine Products the following are available.

Seasonal Allergy (formerlyALJ®) from Nature's Sunshine Products an herbal combination with herbs historically used to sooth and support the respiratory system. Ingredients: Boneset aerial parts, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, horseradish root and mullein leaves extract.  This is a Kosher Product.

HistaBlock® from Nature's Sunshine Products contains herbs historically used to support the respiratory system and mucus membranes when exposed to irritants. Ingredients: Nettle leaves, quercetin, Bitter orange fruit and bromelain.

Sinus Support from Nature's Sunshine Products contains herbs which historically support the respiratory system. Provide practical and safe support for the respiratory system, especially when pollen levels are elevated.  Ingredients: sCapsicum fruit, burdock root, goldenseal root, parsley herb, horehound herb, althea root, bitter orange fruit and yerba santa herb.

Which ever herb or herbal combination you prefer, it is better to have it on hand.  There is nothing worse than feeling miserable and having to wait for 2-3 days for your order to be shipping.

Whatever you think or believe about what is happening in the world today, it never hurts to be prepared.
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