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Pure Herbs Sale

Pure Herbs Sale

November 2018 Sale - Buy 3 get 1 free these products only

November 2018 Sale - Buy 3 get 1 free these products only

Be Gone­™ Fungus Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone­™ Fungus Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Acne Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Acne Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Colds & Cough Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Colds & Cough Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Congested Headache Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Congested Headache Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Constipation Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Constipation Combination Homeopathic
Be gone™ Cut & Scrapes OintmentBe gone™ Cut & Scrapes Ointment
Be Gone™ Diaper Rash OintmentBe Gone™ Diaper Rash Ointment
Be Gone™ Diarrhea Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Diarrhea Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Dry Eyes Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Dry Eyes Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Flatulence Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Flatulence Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Hay Fever Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Hay Fever Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Headache CombinationBe Gone™ Headache Combination
Be Gone™ Hemorhoids OintmentBe Gone™ Hemorhoids Ointment
Be Gone™ Hot Flashes Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Hot Flashes Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be gone™ Insomnia Combination HomeopathicBe gone™ Insomnia Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Lil' Bruises & Bumps OintmentBe Gone™ Lil' Bruises & Bumps Ointment
Be Gone™ Lil' Cuts & Scrapes OintmentBe Gone™ Lil' Cuts & Scrapes Ointment
Be Gone™ Low Back Pain Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Low Back Pain Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain OintmentBe gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain Ointment
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Excalibur Dehydrator

Excalibur Dehydrator

Excaliber Dehydrator

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Product Categories

Green PolkaDot Box

Green PolkaDot Box

I was recently introduced to a start-up company called Green PolkaDot Box. I’m really excited about the launch of thisGreen PolkaDot Box online store and want to give you a quick overview of the benefits when you join.

Green PolkaDot Box is an online store which sells organic and non-GMO foods and produce. By becoming a member, you will have the ability to save a lot of money on organic and non-GMO food that other people spend a big markup on when shopping in the local organic or natural foods store.

The goal of Green PolkaDot Box is to make healthy foods more affordable and increase the availability of them to people who live in regions where they do not live close to organic grocery stores.

Non-GMO Pledge

They are one of the first companies to fully make a pledge and commitment to keeping out any food which is not non-GMO certified or on its way to becoming a non-GMO certified food. Companies like Whole Foods have failed to keep their inventory 100% free of GMO ingredients, and you need to know for sure what you’re buying if you are dedicated to becoming totally GMO free.

An Organic Food Buying Club

You will find that Green PolkaDot Box is much like shopping at Sam’s Club or Costco where you pay a small membership fee for wholesale discounts. The membership fees start at only $50 a year for the basic membership. 

Customers can choose to save money by upgrading to a “rewards membership,”  for $125 per year, which lets you take 5% discounts on all the food you buy, and if you refer a friend you can save even more money by earning reward points. These rewards points that you accumulate can be used later on like cash to buy organic food, non-GMO food and other natural health products.

Click on the Green PolkaDot Box  link to see to see the huge inventory of natural and organic products.  You can shop for food; baby products; home and garden items; personal care; natural remedies and supplements, and pet care products. What’s great is that they carry and distribute products from smaller organic operations which have excellent products, but need more exposure and representation in the market. GPDB is going to make it easier for these companies who are under-exposed to get the mainstream attention they deserve.

Customize Your Shopping Experience Online

When you shop online in the store, you can browse and search according to your specific dietary needs. You might be on a special diet because you have diabetes or some other health related problem and need something specific. By searching through the store you can sort all your food by categories like:  low glycemic, gluten free, lactose free, no egg, no wheat, etc. You can also search by non-food attributes like: BPA free, paraben free, petroleum free or non-toxic.

How Much Money Can I Save?

When you shop at the Green PolkaDot Box you can save big money and here’s why. The big trade secret in natural and organic foods is the huge markup on the food. It’s a lot bigger than commercial groceries. The stuff you see on the shelves at the organic store can be priced from 150% to 250% above manufacturer price. When you are buying fresh organic produce you are typically paying a huge 250% to 450% above grower price.

GPDB cuts most prices in half or more by cutting out all the middle costs and buying directly from the food producers and farmers.

Every end of the distribution chain gets a markup. It comes from the grower then to the manufacturer. From the manufacturer it goes to the distributor and then on to the wholesaler. Finally from the wholesaler it gets to a retail store or online store. Each step of the way the price is being marked up so a profit can be made.

Shopping at the Green PolkaDot Box can save you up to 60% or more off online retail or grocery store prices, but there’s an even better benefit.

Because it typically takes 7 to 10 days to get produce from a field to the store shelf, a lot of Phytonutrients are lost–up to 50%–and the food spoils quicker. GPDB assures you that you get nutrient dense and fresh harvested organic produce to your dinner table in only 24 to 48 hours after the moment it is harvested!

Don’t worry about spending a lot on shipping either because all orders over $150 are SHIPPED FREE in the continental United States. Anything under $150 is a flat $9.95 shipping fee.

Final Thoughts

With a membership to Green PolkaDot Box you will receive great savings on organic and non-GMO foods. Many people wish to eat healthier, but just can’t afford the markup on organic produce in today’s economy.

Remember also that the more people you refer to GPDB, the more you will cut your food bill with rewards. I signed up for the GPDB because I want to save money also on organic food, and I want to be able to encourage others to start eating healthier and buying organic and non-GMO foods.

Click here to sign up now!  You can check out the products or click on Join Now to see the membership options. 

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