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Pure Herbs Sale

Pure Herbs Sale

November 2018 Sale - Buy 3 get 1 free these products only

November 2018 Sale - Buy 3 get 1 free these products only

Be Gone­™ Fungus Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone­™ Fungus Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Acne Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Acne Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Colds & Cough Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Colds & Cough Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Congested Headache Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Congested Headache Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Constipation Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Constipation Combination Homeopathic
Be gone™ Cut & Scrapes OintmentBe gone™ Cut & Scrapes Ointment
Be Gone™ Diaper Rash OintmentBe Gone™ Diaper Rash Ointment
Be Gone™ Diarrhea Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Diarrhea Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Dry Eyes Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Dry Eyes Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Flatulence Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Flatulence Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Hay Fever Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Hay Fever Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be Gone™ Headache CombinationBe Gone™ Headache Combination
Be Gone™ Hemorhoids OintmentBe Gone™ Hemorhoids Ointment
Be Gone™ Hot Flashes Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Hot Flashes Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be gone™ Insomnia Combination HomeopathicBe gone™ Insomnia Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Lil' Bruises & Bumps OintmentBe Gone™ Lil' Bruises & Bumps Ointment
Be Gone™ Lil' Cuts & Scrapes OintmentBe Gone™ Lil' Cuts & Scrapes Ointment
Be Gone™ Low Back Pain Combination HomeopathicBe Gone™ Low Back Pain Combination Homeopathic
Be Gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain Combination Homeopathic RemedyBe Gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain Combination Homeopathic Remedy
Be gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain OintmentBe gone™ Minor Arthritic Pain Ointment
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Product Categories

Pure Herbs

Pure Herbs

Pure Herbs Product

Note:  Due to changing FDA regulations Pure Herbs has had its classification changed to dietary supplements.  Dietary supplements do not need FDA approval or any other government agency before they are sold to consumers.  Because these products are dietary supplements and not drugs, they cannot be sold to treat, prevent or cure disease.  A product sold as a dietary supplement and promoted as a treatment, prevention or cure for a specific disease or condition would be considered an unapproved drug that would be illegal to sell.  Pure Herbs is in the process of creating new labels and content for their products.  As a result any information or wording relating to the prevention or cure of a disease, will relate to the historical or traditional uses recorded over time and is for educational purposes only..   

Allergens can be a problem even in an herbal extract.  Some of Pure Herbs Extracts contain gluten, tree nuts, or dairy.  Click here for a downloadable list of Pure Herbs products containing these substances.

The maj
ority of Pure Herbs products are liquid, alcohol extracts.  Why choose a liquid over the capsule?  Extracts  are intended to be used to supplement the diet with herbal foods in an easily absorbed form. Most people are not even  aware that they may be carrying around as much as ten pounds or more of rather disgusting debris coating the surfaces  of their digestive canal: stomach, small and large intestines. This ‘garbage’ forms a barrier between the food which is  eaten and the ability to absorb the needed nutrition. This means the digestive system needs some help. The intestinal  system is often clogged or very slow to empty due to debris.  if not eliminated on a timely basis, this putrid barrier film  can itself be constantly reabsorbed back into the body. Not only is this barrier of debris bad for absorption of commonly  eaten foods, but also herbal powders, herbal powders in capsules, herbal pills, and vitamin tablets. Herbal extracts are an  efficient method to get herbal foods absorbed through this barrier film and dissolve the barrier itself.  Not only can  they  cross the debris barrier, they do so rapidly and help to dissolve the barrier in the process.  As a matter of fact, an herbal extract can be applied externally right over the area where required.  This, of course, would be difficult to do with a capsule of powdered herbs or a tablet.

herbs An herbal extract can be made with anything which allows an herb to dissolve in it. This can include most common liquids, such as distilled water, vinegar, wine, glycerin (sugar and fat compound most commonly derived from animal tissue) or a neutral alcohol. When you put an herbal tea bag into a cup of hot water, the color, taste, and aroma which dissolve into the water make an herbal extract (or water extract).  However, some parts of the herb in the tea bag do not dissolve in water. Water will not dissolve the oily, waxy, detergent, enzymatic or hormonal content of the herb.  Vinegar, wine and glycerin are substances which also can dissolve a small amount of this, but not all of the necessary active ingredients of the herb.

 A combination of distilled water and a neutral alcohol is the best fluid known for dissolving all parts of an herb. A water and neutral alcohol extract provide an herbal food in a "predigested" form. It should be noted that when you get the full strength of an herbal food, a little goes a long way. So don't overdo and ‘eat’ too much. This is a "natural medicine" made from an herbal food.  The concept of moderation is the key.

Color and Taste of Herbal Extracts
Herbs come from nature and just as crops from different years will taste differently, it is the same with herbs.  This is a part of the endless variety nature provides.  Slight differences in color and taste may be noticed from one year to the next.  Just as you can follow a soup recipe and each batch will taste slightly different, it is just as good.  All Pure Herbs products measure up to known and established standards of quality and excellence before they are approved for use so you can rely on them even though they might look or taste slightly different.

Note: When dealing with natural vitamins (those produced by Nature and not in a chemistry laboratory), what is desired is their dependable activity and effectiveness, not how many grams or milligrams of vitamins they contain.  The activity level of vitamins from Nature should not be confused with the man made or coal tar source (high potency) type vitamins,, which are needed in large quantity to get any type of affect.  Mother Nature does not stamp the milligram amounts of vitamins on the roots of Carrots or under the leaves of Dandelions or on a Wild Rose Hip.  She simple makes and includes whatever is necessary to make living systems work!  So don't get lost in the confusion of how many milligrams or i.u.'s are necessary for a healthy body.

Pure Herbs Ltd. is a family owned company that continually works with herbalists to develop new herbal products, herbal combinations and quality liquid herbal extracts. This page is dedicated to introducing the new products released by Pure Herbs.
Pure Herbs Membership

Pure Herbs Membership

Pure herbs products can be purchased through this website or you can download a distributorship form and purchase directly from the company.  To learn more about a requirements for a distributorship click here.

For a Pure Herbs Distributor Application click here

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