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Health Freedom

Why should we care about Health Freedom?  Shouldn’t we as Americans have the right to choose what doctor we go to?  What type of treatments we get?  What type of health care we use?  When the founding fathers of our country set up the constitution, our rights were supposed to be ‘guaranteed’.  Unfortunately, as anyone listening to the news knows, things are rapidly changing in America and the changes aren’t necessarily good.

Many states have laws that protect the rights of their citizens to choose the type of health care they want.  Others have laws that protect people who want to work in the natural health field in one modality or another.  States like Minnesota and California have laws that protect the consumer as well as the practitioner if they choose to use natural health methods instead of Westernized medicine.

Current Michigan Law

Michigan is not a state with any type of Health Freedom Law.  Currently the law defining the practice of medicine is antiquated.  The definition of “practicing medicine” is so broad that everyone is at risk! Current Michigan law, 333.17001(d) states:
“Practice of medicine’ means the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, cure or relieving of human disease, ailment, defect, complaint, or other physical or mental condition, by attendance, advice, device, diagnostic test, or other means or offering, undertaking, attempting to do, or holding oneself out as able to do, any of these acts.”

In simple terms this law says that anyone who offers any type of health advice is “practicing medicine”.  How many people offer Tylenol or Aspirin to someone who has a headache?  Or gives someone who is thirsty a glass of water?  Now to be honest, giving someone a pill to help with a headache will probably not put you in jail.  But the broad range of the current bill does allow great leeway for those who feel someone in the natural health field is taking away some of their ‘medical’ business. 

The Michigan Natural Health Coalition is a not for profit 501-C4 organization whose purpose is to introduce and Health Freedom bill in Michigan. 

.Why do we need a Michigan Health Freedom Bill?

If you do not have a license to practice medicine in Michigan, or a special exemption, you could be arrested for giving any kind of help to anyone! While not routinely enforced, this law has been used to prosecute practitioners, even when no harm has been done. Those prosecuted could be subjected to aggressive raids, heavy fines, criminal charges, and possible jail time.

Alternative wellness businesses have been thriving in Michigan for decades, paying sales and income taxes all along. When a business is built by reputation, that reputation must be good for the business to stay alive.
This bill would provide a safe harbor for those practitioners who give out proper disclosure and who do not pose a risk of harm to the public. They would no longer fear prosecution by the state of Michigan for practicing a health care profession without a license.

Health Freedom Bill in Michigan

A health freedom bill would protect consumer access to the health care practitioners of their choice and consumer rights to information and educated choice.

This bill would assure consumer access to the broadest range of practitioners and healing methods by providing a safe harbor for those practitioners who do not hold a conventional state occupation license who are doing healing therapies, as long as they follow guidelines of the bill. This protects the consumer’s freedom to choose the alternative practitioners and services desired.

What can you do?

Go to www.MichiganNaturalHealthCoalition,org 

Educate yourself about Natural Health

Become a member of MNHC

Donate money to help with the high cost of getting a bill introduced and passed.

Get to know your legislators and encourage them to support natural health.

Spread the news to your friends and ask them to help

Hold a fundraiser and donate the money to MNHC

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