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Do you:
  • have frequent senior moments?
  • frequently find yourself looking for things you have misplaced?
  • walk into a room and forget why you are there?
  • want better mental clarity?
  • wish your memory was better?
A few facts: 
  • 13.4 million Americans will have mild memory problems associated with aging by 2050!
  • Aging can rob us of cognitive ability, memory loss, confusion, and well, your mind.
  • A 65 year old has a 10% chance. Climbs with age. 
  • 15 million take care of a loved one. Adds $202B in unpaid healthcare. 
  • Baby boomers (60-80) will add $627 billion from memory loss to Medicare costs.
  • What about the psychological price tag?

What’s In Your mind?

•       100 billion neurons (nerve cells), trillions of more cells (glial) that support the neurons.
•       More connections than stars in the universe!
•       Brain is only 2% of body weight but uses 30% of all calories consumed on a daily basis.
•       The brain is about being “cognitive”.
•       Defined as: “State of consciousness (alert, orientated), memory, and attention span”.
•       Our brains become less cognitive as we age, but when does the decline actually start?  Age 45
•       Add in toxins, stress, poor lifestyle choices,  genetics, and it can start even earlier.
•       A firing between neurons. Like a spark plug in an engine. If the gap is hindered, so is the spark.
•        We lose 5-10% of synapsis from age 20-90 yrs. of age. Stop this and you improve memory.

Poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, and stress, contribute to degeneration of synapsis. What else?

Signs of deterioration

•       Not being self aware – a personal sense
•       Cannot maintain a logical sequence of thoughts.
•       Not being able to pay attention.
•       Disoriented.
•       In a word “Confusion” – this is nothing more than a loss of connections between brain cells.
•       Some forgetfulness is normal.
•       However, blood flow to the brain becomes less robust, losing brain cells.
•       Diminished production of neuro-chemicals (acetylcholine).
•       Less efficient cell-to-cell communication.

If this is you Nature's Sunshine has help.  Purchase the memory and brain enhancing product best  for you today. 

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